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Friday, April 22, 2011


Have you ever wondered why the Good Friday Service is always so super crowded? Time and time again, it occurred to me. IT didn't bother me much but mostly it is just a little tot of the day. But today I just cant help recalling a wonderful service i had today. Nope it was not coz there was hot guys in church, not coz it is flooded with Fast hyped up songs. But rather it is coz i had a good reflection time with the Lord . i personally felt very guilty .... Nick had his lenten prog STAY for the period of lent which i tot was v nice n each time i am so encouraged to try to read the bible that day or even a verse, but the Spirit is willing but the flash is weak. And so fast 40days ~ in a flash it is all over. I felt super guilty coz i could hardly really recall what i DID for HIM.

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