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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What are you doing this for?

Have you ever tot of among the 365 days of our lives, we can take 40 days to reflect on.

Lent is here ... finally ... after 325 days .. lent is back... but this time what are you going to do for the season of lent? Doing Good Deeds? Reaching out to people? Giving Alms? Praying? Fasting from your favourite Char kway Tiao, Rojak, Mee siam or Har Choong Kai etc ? Abstaining from your favourite TV shows, Games or even habits?

SO... What are you doing all this things for ?

In this season of lent I am also going to take this time to re-examine my relationship with God and my purpose of doing certain things, my actions to people and also things I am going to do this lent. It is also a time where I would love to reconcile with God.

Things I would like to sacrifice:

To keep a Healthy Lifestyle : cut down on food / meals - eat my veg & exercise

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