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Sunday, March 06, 2011


I had a wonderful time yesterday with TOL & Spice boys... Time together is just precious, beautiful & sweet as always. At the same time I took this time to just reflect on the game we went to play tgt - bowling. Just standing there watching each bowling ball being bowled down the lanes, i reflected on my own life.

As I was sharing with the spice boys, sometimes life is just like a game of bowling.
Firstly you need to pick the ball and shoe which you are going to use, too heavy a ball, might not give you the best result, coz your focus is not carrying the ball whilst too light a ball might not hit the pins necessary for your strength use. I took a 8 n 9 pound ball but i was never able to hit all pins - no matter how straight i threw - coz it was too light. A big shoe, you are going to trip, fall and die. whilst too small a shoe will ensure a blister at the end of the games.

Secondly, but of coz , it is the actual playing of the game, picking up the ball, aiming and looking far towards the end goal & taking steps towards the throwing line. Finally letting go of the bowling ball so that it can move towards your target.

Thirdly, Certainly but in-material to good bowlers, comes the selecting of lanes. We had some PRO bowling next to our lane ... inferior man!! the girl - 5 years old - was so PRO .

Reflection: A simple act of picking up the ball to put up your full battle gear for Christ. looking towards your end goal of our eternal promise land, taking small baby steps towards the battle field ,doing his works just for the love of Christ. Finally when you are all prepared, to take courage and trust in Christ - Firstly LET GO: of the ball - Secondly LET GOD: do his will - Lastly, LET BE : bowling is a game, ultimately whatever the result, take it embrace it & walk out of the game knowing you will be back to do a better job. And if our eyes are Fixed on our heavenly father, no matter what storm, hurricane, typhoon comes, it will never be difficult for us. - it is never easy to pick up our little crosses but, he will be there to journey with us all our lives.

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