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Friday, February 11, 2011

Though you may be far, but our friendship never fade.

Today is Nick's Birthday and I do remember that every year i do post for him. I recall last year, the reluctance i had in letting go and detaching myself from this pillar of support but none -the- least a year has passed us by, though many things has happened in my life but I am glad that I still have him close by. Many a times when i needed an advice or help, he will be there, somehow when you think that somethings you do might be wrong & you need a second opinion or a comforter, he will be there. No he has not absconded from Seminary but he has been there for me through his reflections, his SMSes, and his prayers. When others do not see what we do, he will see. Maybe like a Godsend angel. K Lah ! enough of these praises for him before his head gets too big & can't walk through Seminary Door, Happy Birthday Nick! Thank you for all that you have done for me & TOL. For your countless sharing & the multitude of prayers.


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