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Thursday, February 24, 2011


I guess by now most of my dearest friends would have seen my beautifully designed legs. It is hurting, wounds are open, But I guess some wounds like this are just superficial and it can never beat the wounds in your heart. What was i even doing and thinking when i fell... gosh how could i have done it. No i wasn't looking at any boys along the way. I was merely trying to get myself off the escalator to meet my parents. But in the midst of it. I missed a step & I fell.

I was literally trying to be supergirl! I was rushing to finish my shopping and then rushing to meet my parents - All in a span of 2 mins. Gosh !!! and when i fell I simply tot I was supergirl transform. How can anyone with the right frame of mind finish all those things in 2 mins.

Anyways of coz it really hurts. The pain lasted for very long , each time i put on TCP I was screaming out in pain! Gosh ! But well I took it in so as not to worry those who loved me. Thinking back about this incident, I do see the merits in it. The lady who tried to help me to the car, Literally was a good samaritan. My parents for that matter... looked around for me when i fell. My mum drove me at high speed home just to nurse my wound. It was v painful & I could see the worry from my dad. Paul rushing down from work just to send me for meeting and see how I am, Mattew & josh coming out to be with me & asking me who I am. Even someone whom I am not close to, Matthias from ZJ helped me up the steps when I was having YM meeting. They said these words that set a fire burning in my heart , " Don't worry , I will be here to catch u when you fall." Ultra sweet ultra soothing to heart for a person in pain. Of coz certainly someone special was there for me all these time. If not I would have fell & broke my nose / scratch my faced. - My best friend. - Jesus. & He was the one who made these little angels to help me when I am down.

My take away point.
  1. He is always there watching over you, to pick you up when you fall
  2. People are sent by HIM to catch you when you fall

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