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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Salt of the Earth & Light of the World
HIS PRINCESS - 1st 3 - 5 mins

Every keeps telling us to be light of the world. In order to know the Light, we need to know what is darkness right?
It is when people are hungry
It is when people arehomeless
It is when people are Naked
It is when People turn away from families
It is when there No integrity In dealings
It is when countries are Led war for their own selfish desires.
It is when Good is being being destroyed.
It is when we do wicked things to please our pride & our glory
It is when People reject god
It is when they are Not conscience of god & how much love he is.

No one WANs darkness But this is the world NOW!!

Have you ever wondered how to be a light of the world when the world is so big. I was watching this show a couple of weeks ago when it suddenly struck me at sermon when Fr spoke of being the light of the world. Princess Mia (starring Anne Hathaway) was suppose to be engage to a person whom she doesn't have feelings for. Despite all this, she still agreed to go ahead with the marriage. Like all love romance, a prince charming appreared & blew her off her feet - (side track). But as you notice the 1st few minutes of this clip - Princess Mia is seen interacting with a group of Orphan (Carolyna), she was being bullied till she was noticed by Princess Mia

Mia: Do you want to be a princess?
Carol : I can't I am too small
Mia: I declare, that anyone could be a princess
Children: Can we be in the parade
Mia: Of coz, we can do with more Princess in the world
In order to be a princess, You need to believe that you are a princess.
You gotta walk, the way you think a princess would walk.
Think tall, smile & wave
And most of all, Have fun!
Just remember you are a Princess.

In this short Conversation , many thoughts came to my head. We are all called to be his Princess, being a Princess & the light to everyone is to be able to walk like how HIS princess would walk, when you as a princess give light to those in darkness. It is when we share bread , life, resources, with those who have nothing When people welcome them into the community.
It is when clothes others with warm n understanding, when people open mouth to speak of words of support and kindness understanding and love.

When you give Light - just like MIA, you see how people change, people too learn to come out from their mask & into the light & share the love too. Carolyna Slowly takes her hand off from her mouth & starts to wave too.

So if we are Light than Now What is salt ?
They are People if faith!
If Salt looses it saltiness, it is no longer call salt !
Hence if u n I loose our faith , how to b Christ fellowerz
He is asking us to be not to b tasteless.

Are we light of the world ?
How have we been voices to those who have none? (unborn child, Deaf, the blind, the minority of the community) Princess Mia even offered to give up one of her 2 houses she has for a children's home. Would you?
How have we build one another up?
Have we been loving - home parish, work, school , world?
How are we clothing the naked ?
- Fashion design gone crazy !
So many clothes But yet there are so many people NAKED!
They are all stripped off their clothes.
We strip people off their clothes with our wickedness, unwelcoming love

To sum it all up... we need not do big things to change this world. Just be the light to those whom you encounter & every encounter make it a bright testimony of his LOVE for them.
Are we people who GIVES light or cause darkness?
Just like the princess, we are his prince & princesses, heirs to his throne. It is also a soft gentle reminder that being the Light of world - Recall the CREATION story, GOD did not make Darkness, he made light.

The end of that clip for independence day has a song at the background
i'll spread my wings & i'll learn how to fly,
Do what it takes till I touch the sky,
Make a wish, Take a chance , Make a change & Break away - from the chain of darkness !!

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