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Friday, February 25, 2011

Come n Journey with Me

Retreat day 1 night

Lying in bed in CHOICE retreat House , just simply not knowing what I have just gotten myself into, I just pondered about the time I just had with the sisters. It was simple, quiet yet wonderful. Someone just ask me what I am feeling at this point in time. I guess I told him. A mixed feeling, coz I seriously dono what to expect. But yet it is a bitter sweet feeling coz, when u do not expect anything, he will surprise u more.

2 things struck me:
Guys Have u been in a dance with a girl of ur dreams before? have u held a girls hand a waltz through the hallway like the world revolves around u n her? Or vice versa for the girls too.

Firstly the song below by David Haas - come n journey with me. The lyrics of this song touched me deeply, I teared as Listened to it. First time hearing this song but it is as though Christ has his own personal invitation for me at this retreat to journey with him -
"Come and see, come and be
Be all you are and All you can be
And leave all behind and calm your mind" it is as though he knows me thru n thru that he knows how I was feeling, the burdens I carry n the tiredness I am feeling.

Secondly the reading from jeremiah 29:11-14 struck me. 1st thing that came to my mind was someone who once shared this verse with me also taught me how to stand strong n face my problems, lean on him for his plan to give u these problems are not to hurt u but to help u to grow in life. Flashback of the things I am facing recently just left my eyes rolling over n over again on those words. N I guess He has his own way of saying he cares... N everything is under control.

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