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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Parable of the sower

Where am I in all this paths?
I guess I am in the ground with thorns.
At this point , many things in my life doesn't seem to go my way. It can be hurting hearing what some people say. Sometimes it is those insensitive words of people close to u that hurt u most. But what would hurt more is those people who persecute u, through gossips through, rumours through, backstabbing.

What am doing? What am I feeling?
I feel hurt, yeah as what some people say, I am letting my emotions take the better of me. But this is me, this is who I am. Why can those that love me accept me, why can't u all... Some even call yourself a catholic. I'm also in pain, pain that my wounds have been reopen again. I've even thought of running away...

What am i going to remove ? What do I want to transform?

I guess just as the name Erica Stella signifies, a "strong star"... The exact same reason, i would stand up against all these trials n tribulations .... it is through all these trials that I am learning to be strong, relying on Him for strength more and more. Simply this retreat is giving me more time with HIM...

Remove :
I will first remove all those negative thoughts of how people view me- coz they really do not know who i m. Only those that know me can accept me for who I am (cited: Louis)

Every experience is a learning experience. Firstly to let me see how "blind" mankind can be, how they can tear people up. But yet at the same time knowing that He is guiding me to help this "blind" world. No I will still not circum to the expectation of people but rather, I will continue to love those around me, continue to be the light to the blinded world. (cited : Nick) showing them what is love.. N what it truly is.

End product:
Life is a stage & I do want to be a Testimony of His Light.

My Tiara of Persecution

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