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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Child-like for GOD

Morning mass

Both reading tie in really well together ... It made me recall how I was made...God made me his princess .. His love .. n he made us humans powerful over all his creation. But he also teaches us how to live our lives as humans too. "power is nothing without control." he teaches us to be child-like. I re-emphasis child-like not childish ...

How is it be child-like than?
Do u recall having baby sisters at home or even nieces or nephew at home. Apart from the negativity u see about them (crying , screaming, annoying) what do u love most about them? Well for me , what I love most about my nephew n nieces is their innocence... To be able to embraece the world with their innocence. To love everyone as they. Take an example ... My god children, One moment u scold them but moments later u ask them... Do u love godma?... They nod their head n run to u for a hug. And yes we are all called to be like that.. Quick to forgive, quick to love n quick to embrace. If a 5 ur old can... Y can't u ? Come on people!

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