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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Teaching of the law - Why are they there?

Have you all ever wondered What is it like without law home / church / school ?
What temporal fun or permanent Chaos there would be?
Even if it is not true, similar to that of laws in country,they are still there to govern the morality n behavior of men so that they can live together in harmony. - no littering ! So the place is kept clean n hygienic, no outright protesting preventing people from getting into fights n riots like what is happening in Thailand , no spitting ! Can u imagine if u all walking outside of the block of flats in ur nice outfit n suddenly, someone spit lands on ur head, or the lift itself filled w spits on the floor!! All u need to do is to obey n do what the law wants of u , we'll live life happier n out of trouble.

God has given the church the rights to create law.
Scribes n Pharisee : follows the law so strictly in Jerusalem that on the sabbath, men don do alot of things.
Is that really why these God's law are made? Well No!! it is made to be kept in the spirit of the law out of Love for God. However some people still keep asking about the many changes in the law. But honestly, it hasn't. For example:

  1. Catholics cannot eat meat on Friday, but people say, I don't eat meat but I eat my Fav Fish, that where is the Spirit of Law? This law was set to encourage people to sacrifice something they love on that day, the Spirit of Law is Penance
  2. Catholics who take their own life - cannot have catholic burial, but through research sometimes when people take their life, they are alr not in the state of mind, so give them a proper burial. So now everyone also wanna commit suicide. Gosh! Spirit of Law is to treasure your life that God has given you.
  3. Catholics are to Abstinence from solid food an hour before mass, whereas those 65 and above need not, than they would gorge down tons of food before mass, unprepared, and messed up - Spirit of Law is the love for God

Teaching on Anger
What is anger ? Feeling? An emotion? All of us r entitled to have it right ?
But What triggers anger? Situations that causes our pride to be hurt, our dignity to b trampled on! But well where does all this come from? How come men has become so full of themselves that they see themselves so high n almighty that they forgot about those people whom they react to with anger?
SOOooooo.... the question here is what do we do with this emotion! We call people names ? We punch people ? We scold vulgarities ? Strip people off their dignity ? Backstabbing ?

ARE YOU quick to let go of that emotions n say sorry? ARE YOU quick to love ?

Teaching of adultery
What is lust?
What is committing adultery ? Who can do it ?
Does liberal = ok?
Does it mean that it is alright to do what the media n society says it is ok?
To have sex outside of marriage. To have pre marital sex or even using contraceptions during sexual intercourse.

As a guy... How would u react on ur marriage day ! Some random guy friend of urs comes up to u n say " ur bride is hot in bed , I did her how many times"
Would u have hoped she kept it for u?

As a girl , How would u react on ur marriage day ! Some random girl guest of urs comes up to u n say " ur husband rox in bed, or best still I'm pregnant w ur husbands child."
Would u have hoped he kept it for u?

What about contraception? Everyone says it is ok! Everyone of ur friends uses it! Girls u r a gift from god for the men! A treasure from heaven (as how godson puts it) but now when u r giving the guy all of u , he is telling u ... I wan sex ( a part of u ) n not all of u (ur fidelity )!! N Men when u get a gift from someone do u only take the box - which contains the gift home n return the gift to the giver? Or would U take the box n gift home tgt ???? similarly - god Iis the giver, the gift is the woman n u don take her without her fidelity - the most priceless thing to any women.

Teaching on divorce
Have u encountered people who r divorce ? or going through a case of divorce.
It is well said in this verse "whoever who divorce their spouse - even though they have not been unfaithful is causing him or her to commit adultery !
Which brings about a question which one of my student kept asking me last year in catechism class. "what is marriage ? What is the marriage vows to u than? Y marry n than so quickly wan to divorce? If that is an intention - a game, money, a trade or a spur of the moment, or passion ... Than y get married? All this will fade... Than what is left?? --- ur hurt, wounded , n lost child ---
Ur child

Teaching about vows
You simply do not use the same tooth brush you use to wash ur school shoe or scub the floor to end up brushing ur teeth right? It is so easy to scold utter vulgarities ... But this same mouth is use to praise ur god !!


Lastly it kept repeating - u have heard from people in the past ! Well does that mean they are wiser? More experience ? No but historians would tell u - u learn history to learn about the mistakes they made in the past so u don do that in the future! But all this that we do in the future, are they going to be done out of LOVE? To build people up and not tear them down?

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