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Saturday, February 26, 2011

"I came so that you may have life, life to the fullest."
Have u lead life to the fullest. How ?

The very first time when I felt I have lead life to the fullest is the time when I had my seen my youths in church coming back to serve Him in their own special ways. And at times even telling me that they want to do more for him. And for those who have left ministry to say something IS missing in their life.

For some who are Looking for a testimony in your life... To tell u that God is working... I guess a great testimony is for u to see the youths in churches to be that light too.

The second is to see the change in my godson, a live testimony to everyone that the power of His love can change one's life. From a person who would question every single thing about your faith he has change to be a person of love a person of patience and even has been a light to me when I was down. And even his own friends. Though some people can only gossip behind him and at times hurt him, he would never let that get him down. He would smile politely n walk away. How could someone change so drastically if not by the grace and love of someone more powerful n loving than u n me. Journeying with him these few months has made me realize that I am nothing but gods instrument to him. All I need is to let go n trust that God will work his wonders for me.

Lastly the third time in recent years would be to see some of my students that I knew/ knew , kick their old ways n turned over a new leave. "cher I left this gang...cher I quit smoking... Cher I stop fighting alr..." it could not have been my work but by he work of the one whom I love so much. Honestly sometimes it is seriously not the grades that matter but it how much u take time to care for your student. They might not need ur scolding / long hypnotic lectures but just your mere attention n love.

Don just read my post but How Have u made an impact on others than??
How have u live life to the fullest?
N if u have ... Than now how can u be better at making an impact on others?
What should u do?
How can u be His instrument of love?

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