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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hide out

Do you have your own hide out? Where would it be? Who would be there with you ?
What would you be doing there most of the time? How does it look like? How do you feel when you are there

I do have a hideout where i use to go when i am sad. But most of the time when i am sad, i would always have my 3 pillars of support in my life by my side to hear me out. Slowly the hideout just fades away and now I have a new hide out in fact - adoration room. It is where i spend most of my time with GOD sharing about my problems and listening to his word.

The word that struck me today was "Prayer". Guess recently i could have pass all my problems easily was the constant prayer from my friends and my time spent with God in reflections. It is like an outright call for me to spend time in prayer still. Jesus himself also spend time away from the world in his quiet hideout just reflecting just being with God.

Administering to kids in School would sometimes not be an easy task but somehow I would never fail to give that unconditional love to them. This would never have been possible without his help. I recall someone once said "it is only when you have received the fathers love , than can you give it to others"

Nicholas returning to Seminary tonight. I guess there would always be this feeling of absence without him around. The last month with him around in my life physically was HIS was of showing himself to me. No not coz he is a BROTHER but coz he has always been there guiding me in my faith & Life journey with me and life without him physically would be a sense of lost. I have always appreciated his care for me, I do remember when i needed someone there, he would never fail to spare some time to hear me out, be that same pillar of support as he has always been and an advisor. Thank you Nick.

Dear God,
Thank you for a wonderful pillar of support in my life you have given me & blessing me with these wonderful friends that u put in my life. As I carry on my days, let me not be a passerby but a pillar of support for my kids. To reach out and touch their lives just as how you have touched mine.

Your Daughter

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fral said...

my hideout? NARNIA! :-D