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Saturday, January 29, 2011


This Post is gonna be dedicated to my daddy !!
Someone once asked me , what kind of guys I would go for? and what do I look for in a guys, well I would always say to them ... if there are Guys out there who's ever gonna try their hands at being with me or even spending the rest of your life with me, I would advice you.... till you can be just like or love me like how my daddy does, than you can try.

26 years ago, this man walked into my life. He has filled my life with joy, laughter & of coz many words of wisdom. Though many a times, I may have hurt him through my words or action, he never fails to forgive me, love me & teacher me to do what is right. He is my daddy.

Every morning, my dad would wake up, make breakfast, iron our uniforms for school, wake us up from bed, send us to school before he changes for work. He would occasionally call to check if we are doing fine after our long day in school. After work, Daddy would pick us up & send us home. Coach us on our homework, before sending us to bed. He would also prepare supper for Mummy awaiting her return home from work.

What's even better is being his beloved wife. My mummy is one lucky lady in the world. She wakes up later than Daddy, have a breakfast all made ready for her, changes & get ready to go to work. After work, she comes home with dinner ready for her and supper if she is super late. With children all tucked into bed, she can sleep soundly too.

And talking about religion, he is always the one whom I would turn to for questions about my faith. I would always ask him questions after my catechism class and he would never fail to answer them. If there are times we had both hit a dead end in the answers, he would ask me to go to the priest. While most fathers go to church out of obligation and God fearing, my dad goes coz he loves HIM. A wonderful God Loving Dad too... I truly thank God that I have a wonderful Dad who loves me & all at home & would stand at the front line just to protect us. I LOVE YOU DADDY!!

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