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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

"Courage ! It is me! Don't be afraid!"

School just started for many of you, and I guess it is very difficult for some students and teachers as they have to adjust to the sleeping time etc.

For the past few weeks these feelings has been dwelling around me. Some of you may be feeling these feelings in your life right now too. Sorrows, sadness, pain, doubts, tension, uncertainty, anxiety, worries, jealousy, despair, anger, temptations. These are the storms of my lives. While reading the passage, the words just jumped. You know like "booo!" As I had time through my reflection I thought to myself that Christ intension was not to scare the disciples but simply to just bring peace into their lives - to calm them down. The helplessness and anxiety of the disciples reveals very humanly our inability to handle (many a times) the situations that we are faced with - just like the helplessness of an infant to make his own milk when he is hungry. The calming of the storm shows the almighty and powerful ability of God to make the impossible possible.

I remember one incident when I came over to my Aunty's place and my God daughter , somehow without any hesitation , just jumped from the bed into my arms. I asked her "You not scared that you will fall if i don't catch you how?" She just stared into my eyes and said... "I dono!" Just like my what my God Daughter is teaching me - child-like faith, today's reading challenges me to have a faith similar to that of a child who has absolute faith in his father to calm the storms in EVERY SITUATION (not selected ones only)

Dear God,

Today all I ask of you is to teach us to have a child-like faith in you. Coz we know that it is only when we fully surrender everything to you , will you be in control for us.

Your Daughter

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