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Friday, January 28, 2011

AED 2010 Graduation

I guess words simply can't explain how much I enjoyed my time in NIE. & like what Shaiful mention in his speech, compared to a 3 months Basic Military Training, the 3 months in NIE it went by so fast , it is much more of a joy than a pain. As much as many times I would dread to go to school coz of the crazy morning timing, I still enjoyed the wonderful friends.

When I was on my way home & looking back at the tons of pictures I took today, I just recalled the times we had. I came as a stranger to the school, with just 1 friend I knew, Frankie. But I left with so many others.

Aloysius: Thank you for spending your precious times with me chatting & keeping me sane in my Spiritual Journey. Though it may not be obvious to you, but you have always been the physical sign of HIS presence when I was in a remote part of Singapore.

Allen: For your wisdom & knowledge. You seem to have all the answers when I ask. Just like a shifu, Thank you for being there for Lunch & Random Morning MACs breakfast & New York New York.... Miss you at Graduation ceremony!!

Alan -The young one!! & Frankie: Thanks for sending me back when I needed to be home at the quickest time. I truly appreciate it alot.

Group 3 AED Secondary: For the tons of cam whoring pics we took.... gosh I simply cant recall how many pics & memories we shared together.

Lastly our Theme Song of AED 2010

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