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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Angels & Demons

I bet most of u have heard or least seen this movie before, well though some may say that it is not a show worth watching but I would say, just like National Treasures these shows are no different from hunting for Treasure. I believe everyone of us, just like Tom Hanks may have in one way or another, played treasure hunt before.

And in order to play such a game, we have to know what our goal is. We need to get our bearings and direction right. Our focus & all it entails too. Just like in Todays gosepls brought tears to my eyes as Fr Ambrose gave his sermon. Insightful & made me ponder about my life.

In treasure hunting we need clues & maps and even directions but of coz our positive attitude that there is gonna be a treasure. Just the same Sometimes in life we may find it Difficult to trust in him but as long we have an Attitude that in the end, he would be there for us, we would not loose our bearings - this attitude includes most importantly our Integrity n Humility.

When we talk about - integrity, it focuses on god
Are we person of integrity? Is god really our everything?

When we talk about - humility, it is the Recognition that outside of god we are nothing
We are good only as far as we are but with god we can work miracle
"God is my everything , means that my everything belongs to god"
Find out thru: is my everything just for god, serve him without expecting anything in return... - rejection critics persecution don appreciate - Jesus is in total dependance for god till on the cross , laughed at abuse

What does god do?
Feed hungry
Gracious in love
Generous in love
Give him everything , ask him to help us love all

Find out thru : do we love everyone without asking to be love in return. If he is our everything - gentle patience, hunger for what is right. Merciful when they hurt us, pure in heart no ulterior motive when u love. Bring about unity.

Hence in order for us to Reach our final destination in our road direction - our real hope n destination.

Be attitudes
St Augustine : "Because God has made us for Himself, our hearts are restless until they rest in Him."
When we mention the poor in spirit - God is asking us to rely totally on him (TOTAL dependence)

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