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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MAD rush !

Cramp school this week. had post exam activities in the day and study by night. Barely had time to breath. But somehow in the midst of all this i still found time for HIM - meeting him in the blessed sacrament and sharing with him my day.

Putting jiejie and my class as a combine class. Met this guy from her class, he was really cute - Dimples, Charismatic, optimistic, funny, objective and has a goal of what he intends to do in the future. Yes and certainly he Caught my attention in class. Hmm what was best, he wore his uniform to class - coming straight from work - which blew all the girls off... Every break time (5 days in a row) he would look at me and ask if I wanted to hang out. Unknowingly it has to be MACs - Centrepoint. Our classmates and jie would also come along. We would all hangout and chat till we loose track of time and than RUN back to class like some small kids in primary school. I certainly would agree that I treasured every single time I had with all of them. This is the last time (except graduation) I would be seeing them n I would miss them big time.

What's best! On the last day, he's a christian too and BINGO! All dots started to connect. You know how i always say that God has his weird sense of humour. He too probably has his minutes of randomness too. He would place people in your situations to tie you through difficult times. I was actually dreading to go for classes at night as it was really long and tiring. but somehow things took a turn as I was walking and lamenting on this day to God. I think he must have gotten really frustrated with me that he decided to play a prank - by putting Jie and my class tgt. Class seems more fun with him around. Before I slept that night, I had an sms from him saying:

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways acknowledge him,

and he will make your paths straight."

As though he knows what I am going through, I felt God's Presence around me. Of coz he is not the only one in class, I also met my classmates and miss them tons man! Life is so boring without someone whom u can talk on the same topic as you do. As for Nadia, I sure do hope she is alright. She has been going through a tough time in her life. Jie jie would bring Food to class, and when i am hungry she would also offer to share with me. I love this class. I shall stop here before my eyes start to tear.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Do you Trust me? Aladdin asked Princess Jasmine.
I always imagine my other half to be someone who can take me away from all the problems into another world where I need not fear nor worry. Surprisingly as I listen to this song today, it is just like how God is trying to talk to me.

"I can show you the world, shinning shimmering splendid"
It is as though HE is inviting me on a journey to see the world that he has in store for us. But all he ask of , is for us to trust in him. - that he will not do things to harm you but rather to help them grow. It may be easy to say, but when our faith is trialled and tested, it is never easy to say "yeah sure, why not."

"Tell me princess...."
I always tot of myself as HIS Princess, HIS Beloved one, HIS Baby & HIS Precious Child..... shhh not many people know except you! ;) As I ponder on the last 9 months in my life and all that went through, I knew for sure that HE was there by my side taking care of me like a child to a father - a king to his Princess.

"Soaring tumbling free wheeling through an endless diamond sky"
In order for HIM to show us the world he has for use, we too in our daily life, have our worries n problems, but yet as long as we trust in HIM, he will make it all possible for us.

The Chorus speaks of the "world" which HE has plan for us, NO Worries, No pain, No one to order us around, telling us where to do, what to do.

I failed my interview today at MARINE PARADE FAMILY SERVICE CENTRE. I was very sad, I didn't like tt feeling of failing, but as I went on to think in HIS POV, probably he has a bigger plan for me. Btw to make me feel comforted, The Interviewer , was not very humble (can't imagine her as my supervisior)

So sit back n enjoy this song !


I really truly enjoyed this time with the Brothers
I miss you all alot

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ahhh ... Dear God,

Finally out of the entire week I gotta sit down w u n spend some time - on a bright wednesday afternoon. Not too hot not too cold , just right for me to walk to adoration room at DMC.
Everything is happening So fast - Catechist coordinator leaving , Catechist leaving. Letting only the couple of us to hold the fort.
What saddens me most is not the resignation of them but the spirit of service that wAs lost with it. I remember them once telling me , when u meet trouble or obstacle in ya life n while serving the church (ur people) don give up. But now when there is a problem, they just pack up n leave.

Sitting w u today was great , felt fidgety at first, but as I kept still I could just feel ur warm embracing me n your peace emcompAssing the whole of me. The warmth I missed. It's as though
-There is a longing in my heart somewhere for someone.
- The Absence n emptiness in there can b painful when revisited.
U know u have a super "horigible" sense of humour . U love to poke fun into my life as n when - just to test if I am ok or not right??
But I guess each time u do that u nv fail to assure me of your faithfulness to me. Your unconditional love n care for me even as u poke fun.
A beautiful messAge came in from someone I missed - the phrase in the SMS was a reminder of our constant call to always be faithful to you n not just looking at being successful. I guess in my life it is the same. It is not about how well our wounds r covered but how much we have faith n trust that by ya grace , we can one day walk again.

Dear god, I would like to pray for this beautiful friend of mine n all those out there who maybe stuggling - some way or another- in their fAith journey, that u will b there for them as they go through these times. I can't b there all the time but I know u will- coz I trust u will

Your daughter

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear God

Had a nice time in school today. Even though it was me alone in the control room. Coz I finally saw my sec 4 convocation
Not many school does tt but it's k .
The speeches from their form teachers reminded me of my graduation 10 years back n Sjc .
I suddenly remembered the last time I met the quacks n I went out w them ... It was last yr 2009 December at raffles city.
Tt was a memorable time indeed though n a Sudden nostalgia came over me n I SMS them.
I would like u to tc of the "quacks" n all those who were in my claSs in 2001.. N I also prayer tt u will bless all graduating classes that they treasure every moment w their friends n w teachers too ...

Your daughter

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear God

Had a great time with my colleagues today.
We laugh n sang n talk rubbish. I am
Seriously glad to b able to have this bunch of friends.
Glad to have known them.

Spoke to uncle s . Now I'm feeling a little low .
He was so defensive. Why ? It seems like everything I am feeling n experiencing is my fault . I didn't do this , I should have done tt.
Maybe i should have, maybe it is my fault. I tried teaching I really tried but I hate the feeling of aggressiveness in class.
In all humility i accept it. He even say , "u have ego issues" oh my this really busted my day badly.

After today i learnt one thing God, each time I get push down, god I know u are trying to teach me something. More n more humility.

Today god, I would like to pray for a random student in class Armiruddin. I know he may not know u but I saw him sitting outside ehub today. He actually greeted me but most of all I know he has his issues which he is holding inside and I just pray that u would help him n watch over him.

Your Daughter

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dear God,

Why do some people choose to b in a job they cant handle?
Just finish marking 2 classes today , was exhausting but fulfilling.
Was happy none failed
But dear god when speaking to some of my colleague, they we - sadistic
They wanted some students to fail , simply coz in class they rebel, challenge or even hate them
It is not coz they are weak in studies
Help them lord not to b so judgemental but to love these kids as u would .

Your daughter

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear God

My friend quit work ytd , so fast , I tot I could spend more time w her. But guide her as she make her choice of a next job
- to b more patient as u r
But she is really fun to b with , too bad the co. Treat her badly :-(
Why are some people just so insensitive to others feelings.?

Everything seems to b in a mess - I am going through what Nick n Daniel went through last year .
The non stop battle the endless mis communication. The I am listening n I am hearing u
But dear lord I know u were there w them at tt time. I know u were! Coz u take care of those I love most
Now is Paul n my turn
I sit in the canteen hoping time will pass slowly so that I can avoid all this
I pray tt thy will b done

Ya daughter

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The gospel today reflects on the Pharisees being hypocrites. They seem to be always holy in front of people but at the back of it, extorting and hurting those that are not of the "Kind."

A simple yet profound passage. We are all invited to be sincere and honest in out dealings with people and to concentrate on the matters to the heart - not the external. Any thing that is done out of the heart, you need not fear judgement or punishment . Don't be like the Pharisee, hypocrites.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear God,

Today as i was preparing the cards for the confirmands, i would like to offer them up to you. Prepare them and let them be the warriors and soldiers of your army Lord.

Today was not an easy day to pass, I had a talk with Jac, she said many things - of coz being v frank to me. It hurts coz she said things that triggered the pain inside me. It is not her fault, she meant it well for me though & i know it would have been difficult for her to tell me. Guess I am too weak. Thank you for giving me such a big sister. But hope not everyday is a "talking session" u know how i do not like it. - it has been long since i had a talking session.

But I know you were there by my side. Whenever i am sad, I would be going to find my god children. I dono why but they just simply takes away all my problems and pain away. Later on, an angel brought me "Pallapop" icecream. Gosh ... if i did not tell u , it is my top of the list fav ice cream. It brought a smile on my face.

Your Daughter

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dear God ,

Today's Gospel was on Gratitude. Somehow in mass, you told me to do a paraliturgy for my students but I asked you how ? You really listen don't you... I was suppose to give a session today. I was stunned coz it was so last min. But i remember what you said, "where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name there I will be." I know you were there by my side guiding me in what to say coz I simply cannot remember what I said.
I asked my class to write down things they would like to thank God for & times they have short changed God of his thanksgiving.
Dear God it is close to their confirmation. Can you please help them to see the importance of this Sacrament coz some of them are still struggling.

Your Daughter

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Dear God,

Just came back from PPC , nomination for PPC today, but dear God, I pray that U will be the one leading and guiding the decisions made. Not bias, but out of pure love and service to you.
Today Mummy came back too, we went to eat Fish & Co. together, whole family, it was fun to have brother, mum n dad tgt for meals. thank you for returning mummy safely to us. It must be really tiring to travel so far all the time. She came back with Crispy Creams. I love it. Mmmmm.

Your Daughter

Friday, October 08, 2010

Dear God,

You really answer prayers, received sms from someone that maybe confirmands are going for AYD. Not sure if it is true. but if it is , thank you for making miracles happen. Ally and Mike are having productions now Lord. Take care of them, I seldom see them any more but i know you are will. They seem happier with Y C people, I am happy for them.
Oh sorry i screw up a little at the paraliturgy today. couldn't put out the flame but instead it got bigger. Tot I was gonna burn my hand. scary!!!

Your Daughter

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Dear God,

I went club today, with john, drew, nat, josh, matt n me. Tim couldnt go in , I know he must be feeling sad can you be with him, but he was rather matured to go home straight without arguing .
It was so fun. but still i looked out for them. The songs were nice tt night. I recalling on the times i wen clubbing ... exciting things happen all the time
Thank you for not letting anything happen that night .. guess what I met michelle gomes & Ian there hehe... so funny ! guess they had fun too...

Your Daughter

Monday, October 04, 2010

Dear God,

Today is when all my students take their final year examinations & even the N level students.
Please be by their side & guide them. They must be really stress, I was whenever I have examinations.

Your Daughter

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Found this link on Paul's FB ... I love it ... God is this your way of saying to me, i don't make junk!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Dear God,

Today is Children's Day & I am still struggling with my work.
Bless all the children in this world that on this day they may be able to feel your love no matter where they are.
Bless my god son and god daughter too. It must be fun to be a kid, i wish i was still a kid too. Thank you for giving them to me. They can be mischievous at times - just like me - but they are still lovable.

Your Daughter.