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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I remember when I felt I was called by YOU , you are all I wanted. I owe this life to you. Till this very day, I do not know what your plans for me are, but I can truly say, you are still the one I love.

My dear friends, Have you ever felt that you have done someone wrong & you really want to apologies and seek forgiveness from HIM or HER? How did you feel while trying to seek forgiveness? Guilty? Sorry ? In order to make him or her happy, you don't mind putting down your pride & be a "clown" in front of her? How you ever experience it before?

Today is penitential service in church & as I sat in the pew awaiting my turn for confession, I was reflecting on my sins. The heavy weight of guilt overwhelm my heart and I really feel as though I have hurt a best friend. It is so pain that I was reluctant to even speak to anyone for that moment but to HIM whom I love.

Dear God,

This very day, I come to you with all humility. I am stripped off all my sins & i just want to come to you running & give you the biggest hug ever. Father, in 2000 I remember that very reconciliation with you I sat there for an hour just recalling your love & how merciful you really am. I had tears rolling down my face just putting my pride down at your feet.

Today's reconciliation was just the same. The ambience the mood. It was really solemn & meditative. I couldn't help but recall this love of yours. As I sat there & hear the words of Fr Mike, Like inspired words of wisdom, he reminded me - it is time to get back to my blog & get back in touch with you & spend the quiet times I use to have with you again. This would be my new year resolution to myself & I would make it a point to least spend 1 hour a day with you.

Your Daughter

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