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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lets see... Christmas Coming so .. tot i post some nice christmas song for you all & may you have a blessed and Merry Christmas

Oh my .. this is one of the best Christmas Song sang by this movie.
For all those who are searching for Christmas ...

This is by Faith Hill!!

My Mother's Fav Song

Away in a Manger ... how gently the messiah lies... Hearing this song brings back memories from my Primary school Christmas Pageant.

This song reminds me of the times when i was young sitting by my bedside listening to cassette tapes during the christmas periods... awaiting for SANTA to come and hoping my parents will go to sleep early so I can get my presents.

oh my .. this song is just amazing .. u know this song is a 49 sec song in batman show and lasted for more than 10 years... gosh!!! good marketing strategy !

My Daddy used to sing this for me... Gosh !! I miss him singing this ! HE use to strum the guitar for me.

This song reminds me of a christmas caroling I did some many years ago.

As Much as this song brings back memories, I guess my godson have been slowly journeying with me to allow me to accept this song again. Thanks.

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