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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sitting beneath this starry night,
Gazing upon the skies,
i see the stars you would - way up high,
recalling the moments and how time flies.

I miss the sound of your voice,
Your tender care and beautiful eyes.
I miss the places we had been,
and your love for me that i have seen.

Deep yearning from within,
your appearance, your call, you're everything.
but knowing that you're not coming,
harden my heart of longing.

Of the many people in this world,
our lives "8 dight" must take a swirl.
Time was never a factor.
Though short but memories last forever.

"If you love Him let him go"
I'll be your worst love if i don't
Tormenting it was but still I did,
Painful these times were till now it's been.

Time has almost come to say this big Goodbye,
to this longing of your return.
To the love that may be insignificant in your life.
to Keep this love locked up and tight.

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