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Friday, October 22, 2010

Do you Trust me? Aladdin asked Princess Jasmine.
I always imagine my other half to be someone who can take me away from all the problems into another world where I need not fear nor worry. Surprisingly as I listen to this song today, it is just like how God is trying to talk to me.

"I can show you the world, shinning shimmering splendid"
It is as though HE is inviting me on a journey to see the world that he has in store for us. But all he ask of , is for us to trust in him. - that he will not do things to harm you but rather to help them grow. It may be easy to say, but when our faith is trialled and tested, it is never easy to say "yeah sure, why not."

"Tell me princess...."
I always tot of myself as HIS Princess, HIS Beloved one, HIS Baby & HIS Precious Child..... shhh not many people know except you! ;) As I ponder on the last 9 months in my life and all that went through, I knew for sure that HE was there by my side taking care of me like a child to a father - a king to his Princess.

"Soaring tumbling free wheeling through an endless diamond sky"
In order for HIM to show us the world he has for use, we too in our daily life, have our worries n problems, but yet as long as we trust in HIM, he will make it all possible for us.

The Chorus speaks of the "world" which HE has plan for us, NO Worries, No pain, No one to order us around, telling us where to do, what to do.

I failed my interview today at MARINE PARADE FAMILY SERVICE CENTRE. I was very sad, I didn't like tt feeling of failing, but as I went on to think in HIS POV, probably he has a bigger plan for me. Btw to make me feel comforted, The Interviewer , was not very humble (can't imagine her as my supervisior)

So sit back n enjoy this song !


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