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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear God

My friend quit work ytd , so fast , I tot I could spend more time w her. But guide her as she make her choice of a next job
- to b more patient as u r
But she is really fun to b with , too bad the co. Treat her badly :-(
Why are some people just so insensitive to others feelings.?

Everything seems to b in a mess - I am going through what Nick n Daniel went through last year .
The non stop battle the endless mis communication. The I am listening n I am hearing u
But dear lord I know u were there w them at tt time. I know u were! Coz u take care of those I love most
Now is Paul n my turn
I sit in the canteen hoping time will pass slowly so that I can avoid all this
I pray tt thy will b done

Ya daughter

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