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Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear God

Had a great time with my colleagues today.
We laugh n sang n talk rubbish. I am
Seriously glad to b able to have this bunch of friends.
Glad to have known them.

Spoke to uncle s . Now I'm feeling a little low .
He was so defensive. Why ? It seems like everything I am feeling n experiencing is my fault . I didn't do this , I should have done tt.
Maybe i should have, maybe it is my fault. I tried teaching I really tried but I hate the feeling of aggressiveness in class.
In all humility i accept it. He even say , "u have ego issues" oh my this really busted my day badly.

After today i learnt one thing God, each time I get push down, god I know u are trying to teach me something. More n more humility.

Today god, I would like to pray for a random student in class Armiruddin. I know he may not know u but I saw him sitting outside ehub today. He actually greeted me but most of all I know he has his issues which he is holding inside and I just pray that u would help him n watch over him.

Your Daughter

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