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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ahhh ... Dear God,

Finally out of the entire week I gotta sit down w u n spend some time - on a bright wednesday afternoon. Not too hot not too cold , just right for me to walk to adoration room at DMC.
Everything is happening So fast - Catechist coordinator leaving , Catechist leaving. Letting only the couple of us to hold the fort.
What saddens me most is not the resignation of them but the spirit of service that wAs lost with it. I remember them once telling me , when u meet trouble or obstacle in ya life n while serving the church (ur people) don give up. But now when there is a problem, they just pack up n leave.

Sitting w u today was great , felt fidgety at first, but as I kept still I could just feel ur warm embracing me n your peace emcompAssing the whole of me. The warmth I missed. It's as though
-There is a longing in my heart somewhere for someone.
- The Absence n emptiness in there can b painful when revisited.
U know u have a super "horigible" sense of humour . U love to poke fun into my life as n when - just to test if I am ok or not right??
But I guess each time u do that u nv fail to assure me of your faithfulness to me. Your unconditional love n care for me even as u poke fun.
A beautiful messAge came in from someone I missed - the phrase in the SMS was a reminder of our constant call to always be faithful to you n not just looking at being successful. I guess in my life it is the same. It is not about how well our wounds r covered but how much we have faith n trust that by ya grace , we can one day walk again.

Dear god, I would like to pray for this beautiful friend of mine n all those out there who maybe stuggling - some way or another- in their fAith journey, that u will b there for them as they go through these times. I can't b there all the time but I know u will- coz I trust u will

Your daughter

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