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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Just had an injection today. Now feeling the aftermath of it. As I sit at the adoration room gazing on him, i realize that at times we can be really in sensitive.

Injection is never painless, just like how the needles pierces into our skin and the words coming so quickly out of your mouth pierces into our hearts.

Plunging the liquid into our body, is when the true hurts begin, so will our in-sensitive words hurt us from within spreading to all parts of our body.

When pulling the needle out, it is painless, just the same as our words - we are so often mindless

However Putting a cotton/plaster to cease the bleeding can never be the same as trying to heal a wound in the heart.

In the Overall process of Injection, one has to be mindful to be quick and painless, our words are also quick but mindless. But what can never be the same is the intesity of pain inflicted on someone can hurt a million times more than a simple injection that sometimes simple plaster / cotton wool can never cease the bleeding.

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