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Sunday, July 18, 2010

a week plus events reflection:
I hvn't got the time to

reluctant to be faced with cold shoulder but still a need to meet up.
Had a talk (always hate it) ... felt sad & guilty

Words of the day kept coming into my head.
I screwed up this morning too of coz
Channelled all energy on Spring cleaning of MR store.

Friday - Sunday
Leaders retreat.
Had a very nice talk with Colin. Probably one of those blue moon when we can really sit down & chat as I sat on the couch in the end room of RH.
It was overall fun but some hiccups along the way - felt terrible about it.

Enjoyed the company of my MRs, decorations & the chat along with it.
Uncomfortable with a question someone post to them.
Hence got me thinking & reflecting.

2 people post the same question which continued my thinking and reflection.
Tried to clarify my doubts but it was not well received "just tell me & shut up"
What in the world did I do right for the past week?

black face , moody face
& Someone broke the glass in the lab.
thanks to my MRs, their company was just FANTASTIC

fun day teaching MR my PA system
they stayed till 6pm with me ... talking to them.

I met with an ACCIDENT!!! I nearly lost my life on the spot to a Hyundai Traget
My face turned pale, shocked & lost.
outing with Carmen, TOL & then nightlife with the b'day girl.
I enjoyed the company man!

Night mares of accidents
Back & shoulder pain
went to see doc - got PANADOL

Planning for 2nd half 2010
Still continue having nightmares of the accident.
back still hurts
Had rehearsal but still had to go police station after rehearsal - :(

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