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Monday, July 05, 2010

A scary & morbit word. Anyone who think of this word would be suicidal & prob crazy.
As I read the readings of the day, it occurs to me that if we ourselves trust in the Lord & in his infinite power, what is death to us? If ever someone dear to you dies tomorrow, how would you feel, what would you do? Would you be sad? Would you regret?

In summary:
Today's reading talks about how Christ awakes a "sleeping" girl - who's dead - and how he cures the sick. When we say impossible. Christ says "I M Possible." The man who approach Jesus for help to save his daughter might have not said his last words to her. Know the capability of the big guy up there, there's no relationships, no situations nor hurt that is impossible for him. All we have to do is to trust in his love, mercy and graces - and that was just what the official did.

Someone once told me, " You know girl, somethings happen for a reasons, God has a plan for u, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." This sentence is said as easily as it can be, but NO it is not easy to comprehend the works of my father esp. when shit happens. I tell you, when shit happens to you , plant flowers - roses , tulips etc. Don't look at it on a bad side, don't think that the world is against you, look around you, there are people who are there for you.

When we choose to die with and for Christ - at baptism, we are choosing to rise again with him of coz to an Eternal life at the end of time. BUT When we say die, we also don't just mean the death at the end of the time but also the DYING TO our PRIDE, ANGER, JEALOUSY, EGO, SELFISH WAYS & UNFORGIVING NATURE. When we can do so, we will certainly rise with him to new life. The question here is Do we want this new life?

I'm sure those reading this will say ...of coz lah! It's been a couple of weeks and at times i know deep inside me, I may be miserable, people throwing tantrums at me , giving me cold shoulders, what have you not. Some do not want me to know how are they , what is going on in their life, thinking it is the best & coz they care. Somehow I wonder, do they do these to their other friends or only to me? Maybe at times it is also because of who I am, willing to listen, be there for people that I become the ultimate punching bag for them and that people can easily brush me away or get edgy with things I do.

The more I get this, the stronger I become, each time i spend time in adoration room or with Christ I learnt to die, slowly - to fully accept who he made me to be and also how much he loves me and cares for me. Letting him be in control of my life. If ever a Day I would meet HIM, I know that I have tried. What about you, have you lived & died for Christ?

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