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Friday, July 23, 2010

Come back
2 words that struck me the most in today's reading
After a long week, I have been thinking about alot of things & at times even when spending time with the Lord, I too am boiled down by the affairs of the world that I can't hear him.

Today's reading is about the parable of the sower.

How often have you heard the word of the kingdom without fulling comprehending what is it all about? Or have you always turned away from "holy" words saying "today not Sunday, please don't preach to me.? Or even turned away from others who try to direct you to Christ? Very often we feel that we are only suppose to do God's work on SUNDAYS or only when people are looking and observing our moves. But this is wrong. If we want to fully encounter Christ in our everyday lives, we have to move away from this thinking and not be like the Seeds that were sown on the edge of the path. It is only when we immerse ourselves in HIS presence can we fully comprehend what HE wants of us.

Have you ever felt that you enjoy the presence of God and his word, but when trials comes your way, you sway and doubt or even lost at times? Well you are just like the Seeds sown on patches of rocks and with the lack of deep roots when trials occur, we run we hide we blame everyone in this world except ourselves. Or are you currently worried about the problems of the world. Enjoying the luxury of the material things of this world? These are the Seeds sown among thorns.

LASTLY are you like one who set your hearts on Christ and doing his work? Dependent on God even in times of difficulty? We can't serve God & money at the same time. Serving God & trusting in his ever lasting love means that in the times when you feel the lowest, the moments in your life when you feel that no one is there for you, yet you trust that he is there to lift you up. He did not promise life of rainbows & but green pastures, with beautiful flowers growing on them. But he promise us eternal life , a life that is much more better than this earth and if we set our hearts on God, we can change lives. Do you believe?

So, Which seed are you at this point in life?

This week I felt like crap, very often as a civil servant, we always think that we are to do our job, 9 - 5pm and once we are out of the work place we do not have any responsibility. Let me tell you , NO you are wrong. Our work hours surpasses 5pm, as long as they are under our care, in our charge we are to take care of this fragile hearts with our lives. I just let someone I care about be hurt by someone I don know, I know that person was hurt. But deep inside me, it hurts doubly or triple the time. Letting my guard down, I have indirectly caused pain, & I feel like crap. Sitting on my chair & reflecting, there was so much more, I could have done so much more to prevent things from happening. Why didn't I ? Since than I know I can only rely on God's ever loving graces to protect him. I am in a lost, I am affected by it, and i know the absence was an indirect cause of the incident. I am sorry. In this 3 days I have been thinking of the incident that I have forgotten about God, But somehow after 3 days of reflecting, I realize esp in todays reading, God is trying to tell me to COME BACK to him with all my heart and leave the rest up to him. HE will "settle" it for me. But I must be willing to journey with him & be his instrument. HE wants me to come back to hold his hand and be in his presence, casting all fears and worries aside. Just like a father teaching a child to walk & watching him grow up, he has always been a faithful God even when times we are unfaithful to him.

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