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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Time & Love

“Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.”

As children of God, we have always been giving to the world what the world wants of us, but do we give to God what belongs to him alone?

Have you ever wondered what is it that God is asking from us? How are we to give him what belongs to him? HE is not asking for Gold, Silver or even Diamond rings / Platinum card, he is just asking for US. Yes, us - you and me. He is not asking us to do great things but asking for our time & our love – do you happen to realize that these 2 things can’t be bought.

Sometimes we get caught up with what the worlds wants of us that we forget what he wants. Flipping open the papers today, I read on the raid of City Harvest Church, and thought came running through my head. Why are some churches more caught up in the money/investments than about their people?

Money in the ancient times are significant of political power. In the modern times it is the same too. In many parts of the world, money means power. When I reflected on the readings for today, the verse came out to me, sometimes we are just caught up in Saving money, Earning money, that we forget what is really important to us. A kid of mine once said to me "cher, aiyo spoil spoil lor, I pay money can buy new one!" My heart sank when i heard this. Not coz of the manner in which it was delivered, but the mentality of which our youths are thinking nowadays. Kids nowadays think that money can buy everything in the world. How did this even happen? What is Society / Media / Parents teaching our kids? Have you ever ask yourself:

1. Is money able to buy you True Happiness? Material things can bring you momentary happiness, it can never bring you true happiness. You may beg to differ now but in time to come you will know what I mean.

2. Is money able to buy Love & attention your Family gave? You can never repay your parents for the amount of time, love & attention they have showered on you. No money can buy those times you have with them. Looking after you when you have a fever when you are young, At old age, taking care of you instead of chucking you in old age home.

3. Is money able to buy you a Girlfriend / Boyfriend? You can force yourself on him/her (giving her money / presents) but if he/she doesn't love you for who you are inside, it will just fade away in no time. People always talk about PASSION! but when the passion fades away, you do not have money, work stress sets in & problems / conflicts comes in, do you still love your GF/BF. If one day you wake up and you are frail & old, are they BF/GF you have willing to love you all the rest of your life?

4. Is money able to buy you the Experience you encountered with God.

In my journey in the last 6 months, I have grown more and more. The love I have for God has deepened. Compared with my Christian friends, I may not know how to quote bible verses, but I do know that he was there to look after me. Many times, in the past 6 month, there were times I felt alone, stress from project and bored, I wish I was as free as to hang out with my dearest friends, but reflecting on his words helps me to know his plans for me each day. Seeing his love for me in nature also helps me grow & experience HIM in a loving way. Each Day when I awake to make my way to school, I no longer grumble at him for the weather he is giving me. Instead it is His way of telling me he loves me, he will journey with me till the end of my day - sundown. When the sun was hot, was when days I need to be showered with his warmth. The day when I am tired and Clouds are all I need, he covers the sun for me to walk on.

I’m His Little Princess, I know I am loved, I use to care a lot about being alone, now, no more. I enjoy mass with him alone, just being in his presence. Sitting in the garden of Gethsemane alone. Now I no longer feel this way. I do not need to wear a tiara to be a princess, to be pampers and to be loved, or even to proclaim to the world.

I used to ask a lot of WHYs when things do not go my way. But I came to realized why do I need to ask why when I can look at the Why not? I came to realize that HE has things plan in his own time & places for things to happen…. Dear friends, do you trust in that? I used to believe a lot in coincidence & Luck, but he has showed me it is not. I am proud to say, I am his little prince, what about you? Do we acknowledge that we belong to God?

Of coz being his Princess doesn’t mean days without sadness. When I choose my path to walk with him, trials come my way like tsunami or even earthquake. Sometimes it is so difficult for you to catch your breath. However, I realize he has always been journeying with me, letting go so that he can do what he has to do is sometimes the best thing.

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