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Monday, June 28, 2010

Follow me

These word has been so often ringing in my head. It is one word that I find not easy to do - Being his disciples, picking up our crosses & follow me. We will fall, we will stumble. At times we would be angry at ourselves. We would get hurt, we would be sad. But this 2 weeks of "hols", I have been feeling all this at the same time.

Sitting at my desk now listening and blasting the P&W songs we sang at SDYD 2010. Lesson has ended & I am just thinking of updating my almost quiet blog. Christian music has been to much part of my life that if I do not have it, it seems so quiet. There have always been so many ways to praise him & my best way would be to sing or be silent in his presence.

At this point in my life listening to this song would just bring back many memories. Good and bad. People whom I love, lost and left played many roles within this song. It is very meaningful in my life. "Hide me now under your wings." Whenever I have problems, I would always run under his mighty wings & he would never fail to tell me, he loves me back. This is SO unlike others, at times when you shower people with care and concern, they would chuck you aside, ignore you or even say nasty words just to push you away. Non the least these maybe who they are and I would still love them all the same , coz God would have put them in our life for a reason - be it to grow, to learn or even to journey. We just need to be like him.

Mighty to Save / How Great is our God
Recently in life, I have hit many rocks, some big some small, none the least I realise I cannot do certain things without his strength. For he is the "Saviour, he can move the mountains... Jesus, author of our salvation." He writes my life, he directs my path. Whenever I think I am walking this path alone, he would not fail to show me his Love & company in journey. Whenever my tears are falling off my cheek, he will be there nearby to wipe those tears away. I have never in my life been hurt by someone but yet again feeling so much love for that same person. How contradictory am I , it makes absolutely no sense to the analytical & structural people. It is just me perhaps, coz I can never hate or be angry at someone for long. He has a weird sense of humor & when figuring out that the reason for one's action behind the behaviour / action / words could be none other than LOVE, the more I will love and care the other person not to even be angry.

Everlasting God 2009 SDYD theme song
I still Remember how I chose these song & after so long those eyes that would turn to look at me when we hear this song else where during P&W. Those that journeyed with me over the 9 months in planning.

Following him in life there is never one straight road, no one path. We take turns , bends and even at times "mao" curb, but he never fails to show us the right path back to him, but we must always be ready to be OPEN to his call.

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