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Monday, June 07, 2010

"Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

In the past I tot teachers life was easy, nothing much to worry, as I explore more into the career I realize I am called to do more than just teach.

I class today aside all those long long lectures, i would remember one thing very clearly. The lecture was on classroom management. It was on the topic of how teachers should handle their classes esp the lower ability / ADHD students. Lecturer said to have small group teaching with them, at times take them outside the office to sit with them and work with them. hmm but then something crossed my mind. As much as I love to reach out to the youths, as much as i love to relate to the youths, there is definitely a group of people who always notices your every move. I asked my lecturer, " what if there is group of teachers / adults who become green eyed when you reach out to those youths?" Yes, all of us have different standards, one "right" may be another's "he/she is going too far." My lecturer's reply to me was "do what is right" how than do we know. To me I have one conclusion to make. If any teachers were to reach this, know that you cannot please every single person in the world, but you can do what is right in our perception for the Kids, sometimes if it means to go out of the way for them.

In this career, you are bound to be persecuted, by parents, by society by fellow colleagues, thinking you are a threat. But you are not here to please everyone but to serve Christ as he has came to serve us. Hence when i hear that, it struck a cord in my head of what I have read in todays readings. It is never easy when we say I want to be a teacher like christ. To be a teacher it is a tough job, to be a Christ like Teacher, you are in for more. Whatever it is , he promises that our rewards are not on earth but in the heavens which he has so lovingly promised us.

As I pondered about the next 4 days left with my friends in NIE, I wished hope & pray that he will lead and guide all those whom he has chosen as his teachers to be the love & light of Christ to all who are searching for meaning in life.

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