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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


World peace, inter-racial peace, United Nation peace, Parish peace... what does it all mean?
have any of you been busy till you never let the Prince of Peace be part of your life?

Recently i have been .. my work and school is killing me, I am tired out. Consecutively for the many weeks we have rushing projects, assignments test. OMG! I can barely breath .... well anyways I can't wait for the outing with this new Humanities classmates I met today... some may seem hostile at the beginning but I am sure this is gonna be a fun group...

Overall I am happy with myself, I am now growing in faith , Maybe like what Nick say, we're learning to growing ourselves, getting ourselves ready to reach out to people.
reach out to the world at large. Surprisingly, Angeline asked if I wanted to learn more about vocation. Being aware of my feelings always, Searching deep within my heart, I did not reject it at all but rather I was open to the option. But that does not mean i plunge into it. Give me time to pray about it.

I enjoy the every moment of peace when i sit in the adoration room. The past few days I have been spending alot of time in front of the blessed sacrament. I love the time spend with him, Not because aircon was Good but it was cause I know I could run to him & tell him how I feel. Honestly if he was a human , I would give him a Big hug & big big squeeze, never allowing him to Go.

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