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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


"do not let yourselves be shaped by the passion of your old ignorance, but as obedient children, BE YOURSELF holy in your activity, after the model of the Holy One who calls us, since scripture says, 'Be Holy, for I am Holy.'"

Felt the prompting today to sit down to blog.
After a long but enriching weekend and even the last 2 days , it was great to have been lead by the spirit. I read the verse above this morning but did not have any relevance to me. But later on in the day, it started to make sense. The 2 words that jumped out at me was


How many of us put on mask when we meet people? Being gentlemen or lady like in front of your eye candy. Being demure or elegant in front of our future-in-laws or even a fierce and strict front to your students or employees. Or trying to score D6 grade coz everyone in class is D6 average, when you know you are an A1 student. Trying to please people or even trying so hard to be someone they are not. Why do people put on a mask and are afraid of showing who they truly are?

Research has shown that people are afraid of being stoned to death for owning a politically incorrect answer, or even afraid of "un-norm" personal qualities will ruin all standing they have in society. In my encounter with youths and adults, they put on masks (more than 1) to hide who they really are so that if they are rejected, it won't hurt as bad. I purposely left the children out as they are the ones who do not carry a mask at their age. It is the society's norms that forces them to start wearing it.

Today's verse made me ponder about who we are in this world and why are we even on this place called Earth. In teaching lingo, What is our "OBJECTIVE / GOALS?" Many a times some of us flip open the magazines, looking at the top models, rich swinging bachelors and at some point in time, we do hope that one day we would be like them. (those who says no ...you are in self - denial) Unable to do so, we model after them with LV, Gucci or PRADA bags. Going on diets, sliming programes or countless gym classes just to be be shapely like these people. The list goes on,...

My dear friends, have you ever taken a moment to ponder, why are you even doing such things? We are not called to be Leonardo DiCaprio (handsome), Beckham (talented), Madonna(good vocals) or Cindy Crawford(sexy). A year ago, I would have followed this craze but I stopped. No not coz I cannot achieve what they have, nor was it coz I did not have the money. But it was because HE came into my life. Yes the one I would call "the love of my life". It is Him who showed me something more important than just Looks, and in front of HIM i need not put on any mask. I could be myself. If you have not guessed it by now, it is Jesus and I know for sure that in front of my Lord who loves me for who I am - inside, I can BE MYSELF.

Today's reading was a reminder for me, and all those who are reading that HE knows us through and through, we need not put up any mask in front of him. And what's more, all those who loves you will also accept you for who you are. Don't ever be affected by what others say or do. When you look into the mirror today, look at it with a " different eye ", Do not criticize the one standing in front of the mirror, coz God made you for who you are & unless you are saying God's artwork is bad, just Be yourself !

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another. ~William Shakespeare

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