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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


"As you sent me into the world, so I sent them into the world."

Sent! Teachers , we are all guilty in one way of another to send kids out of class, to counsellors, to DM and all possible places but stay in class. Linking this back to my experience in school, many kids in school need help, but if we keep sending them here and there, we are definitely will not be able to reach out to them. Sometimes we are too caught up with "rectifying" the kid that we forget to really bring the Christ to them. Siting in class, i reflected on what I am doing here, I realize this plan for him. I am not just called to this career to teach , but to also bring Christ & his Love to the students around. This is never "gosh" NEVER going to be an easy task. I also urge all educators out there to also do the same thing.

Things you can do:

1) When they do wrong, don't be so quick to judge them - we're not judge, ask them why they did it this way

2) When they are late to hand in homework, or comes into class unkempt - do not be quick to scold, there might be problems underlying it (not every kid is lazy)

3) When they cannot do a certain problem, Don EVER say they are stupid / lazy/ call them names, it hurts & it will leave a stigma in them for life.

As much as everyone will say, "wha Erica, you crazy ar!" I would say, no it is not crazy but it is only when we truly know them & befriend them, will we be able to reach out and touch lives - leave the changing to God. It maybe tough , but no one said being a teacher is easy, but being a Christian teacher is even tougher. But let Christ be the center of your lives & u will see him work miracles. ... trust me, it happens to me & I am sure it will too.

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