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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


"do not let yourselves be shaped by the passion of your old ignorance, but as obedient children, BE YOURSELF holy in your activity, after the model of the Holy One who calls us, since scripture says, 'Be Holy, for I am Holy.'"

Felt the prompting today to sit down to blog.
After a long but enriching weekend and even the last 2 days , it was great to have been lead by the spirit. I read the verse above this morning but did not have any relevance to me. But later on in the day, it started to make sense. The 2 words that jumped out at me was


How many of us put on mask when we meet people? Being gentlemen or lady like in front of your eye candy. Being demure or elegant in front of our future-in-laws or even a fierce and strict front to your students or employees. Or trying to score D6 grade coz everyone in class is D6 average, when you know you are an A1 student. Trying to please people or even trying so hard to be someone they are not. Why do people put on a mask and are afraid of showing who they truly are?

Research has shown that people are afraid of being stoned to death for owning a politically incorrect answer, or even afraid of "un-norm" personal qualities will ruin all standing they have in society. In my encounter with youths and adults, they put on masks (more than 1) to hide who they really are so that if they are rejected, it won't hurt as bad. I purposely left the children out as they are the ones who do not carry a mask at their age. It is the society's norms that forces them to start wearing it.

Today's verse made me ponder about who we are in this world and why are we even on this place called Earth. In teaching lingo, What is our "OBJECTIVE / GOALS?" Many a times some of us flip open the magazines, looking at the top models, rich swinging bachelors and at some point in time, we do hope that one day we would be like them. (those who says no ...you are in self - denial) Unable to do so, we model after them with LV, Gucci or PRADA bags. Going on diets, sliming programes or countless gym classes just to be be shapely like these people. The list goes on,...

My dear friends, have you ever taken a moment to ponder, why are you even doing such things? We are not called to be Leonardo DiCaprio (handsome), Beckham (talented), Madonna(good vocals) or Cindy Crawford(sexy). A year ago, I would have followed this craze but I stopped. No not coz I cannot achieve what they have, nor was it coz I did not have the money. But it was because HE came into my life. Yes the one I would call "the love of my life". It is Him who showed me something more important than just Looks, and in front of HIM i need not put on any mask. I could be myself. If you have not guessed it by now, it is Jesus and I know for sure that in front of my Lord who loves me for who I am - inside, I can BE MYSELF.

Today's reading was a reminder for me, and all those who are reading that HE knows us through and through, we need not put up any mask in front of him. And what's more, all those who loves you will also accept you for who you are. Don't ever be affected by what others say or do. When you look into the mirror today, look at it with a " different eye ", Do not criticize the one standing in front of the mirror, coz God made you for who you are & unless you are saying God's artwork is bad, just Be yourself !

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another. ~William Shakespeare

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


"As you sent me into the world, so I sent them into the world."

Sent! Teachers , we are all guilty in one way of another to send kids out of class, to counsellors, to DM and all possible places but stay in class. Linking this back to my experience in school, many kids in school need help, but if we keep sending them here and there, we are definitely will not be able to reach out to them. Sometimes we are too caught up with "rectifying" the kid that we forget to really bring the Christ to them. Siting in class, i reflected on what I am doing here, I realize this plan for him. I am not just called to this career to teach , but to also bring Christ & his Love to the students around. This is never "gosh" NEVER going to be an easy task. I also urge all educators out there to also do the same thing.

Things you can do:

1) When they do wrong, don't be so quick to judge them - we're not judge, ask them why they did it this way

2) When they are late to hand in homework, or comes into class unkempt - do not be quick to scold, there might be problems underlying it (not every kid is lazy)

3) When they cannot do a certain problem, Don EVER say they are stupid / lazy/ call them names, it hurts & it will leave a stigma in them for life.

As much as everyone will say, "wha Erica, you crazy ar!" I would say, no it is not crazy but it is only when we truly know them & befriend them, will we be able to reach out and touch lives - leave the changing to God. It maybe tough , but no one said being a teacher is easy, but being a Christian teacher is even tougher. But let Christ be the center of your lives & u will see him work miracles. ... trust me, it happens to me & I am sure it will too.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"It is not for you to know times or dates that the Father has decided by his own authority"

This is a smack right in my face when I attended mass just now , i was being so human when I ask him of dates and time for events which would and have taken place in my life. HE just "gave it to me" - big time man. This really set me thinking throughout the mass - of coz not really paying much attention to the homily. I thought about my life i have always been asking asking and demanding. But how many times have I been an instrument to him. I remember Sr Angeline mentioned that when you say, "LORD USE ME AS YOUR INSTRUMENT" We are saying, take my whole being and not "GOD YOU CAN TAKE MY HANDS (or legs), ONLY" - NO but rather the whole being of us. Letting the Holy Spirit work within us. It set me thinking together with the lesson on Servant Leader that I learnt from cat class last week. This is something which TOL will have to work towards, in Theater and also LIFE. Letting the Holy Spirit be the one who is acting for the people and us as the instruments.

"you will be my witnesses not only in Jerusalem but throughout Judaea and Samaria, and indeed to earth's remotest end"
The Disciples task by Jesus to be his witnesses - So are we as a Community of TOL
Have we in any part of our lives, witness to Jesus' Life, Death & Resurrection? We are not only a drama group but Rather a Christ -centered drama group and bringing Christ Love to others is definitely an element to others. We are also call to be witnesses for Christ and Testify.
In the coming week let us take time off to think of how have we been a witness for Christ.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Remain in my love

In todays reading , Christ challenges us to remain in his love. What in the world is to remain in his love. In last week's gospel it is touching on Love and I was so waiting for the priest to share about the 3 types of Christian Love - Philia, Eros & Agape.

Philia is the love between good friends - "platonic" love. It is a chosen love as we choose who we want to befriend. It is more conditional and less sacrificial. Philia is less willing to continually overlook faults and frequently forgive other.

Lets just take some time to reflect on the times we Choose our friends to be with. sadly the society brands us and sometimes "high" class people cannot mix with with their so called "low" class people. or even we choose to be in the "in" group and neglect whoever who is outside of it.

Eros on the other hand is the Greek word for romantic / sexual love. - passionate feeling of romantic attraction and felt between 2 lovers. It is also comprising of infatuation and lust too. While we cannot decide what we feel, we can and should control what we do in response to our feelings.

As much as Eros is a romantic love, is it all about feelings? What if 10 years down the road, you loose that "fire of passion" does it mean you divorce your spouse. Let us take a closer look at the people whom we say we "like, love or even have a crush on." Is it more of a feeling or something more than that?

Agape of coz is the most often use in the New Testament to describe Christian love. The acts of charity and service for others - even to those we do not like and do not even know. This love is unconditional and it is NOT a feeling. It is sacrificial and un-reciprocated love - JESUS - self giving.

In order to attain agape love, we look upon God's divine love made visible in our good works of charity and service. Agape is the type of love that all Christians are called to manifest in their lives by unconditional acts of goodwill and charity for others, especially the poor and disadvantaged.

As much as this word is an "overkill" it is the hardest to achieve. How many a times can we say to ourselves, i have loved the poor beggar on the road, the person who hurt us till we sometimes even think of killing them? How often have you "fed" the hungry - physically & even in the thirst for the salvation of God. "Cloth" the naked - giving clothes & even those who are lack of love and need us to cloth them with Christ love, warmth n compassion. Lastly give "shelter" to the homeless - Those who needs Christ in their Hearts and to be carried on the Wings of Eagles and protected by the snares of the Evil one. Or even those who are stray on the road who needs a place to stay - No coz society says if you let a stranger in , you might be harm.

Let us all take sometime to imitate on HIS unconditional love for us and be the true disciple of Christ in our own ways. But remember, this is not gonna be an easy task. "But I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me"

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Pillars of Support in My Life

1st people who Had the privilege to snap a pic with me & they are also the pillars of support in my life too ... I love you Guys . Guess U all know that without you guys, I would not have been who I am today .. Thank you. The Big Guy has always been there for me too of coz

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


World peace, inter-racial peace, United Nation peace, Parish peace... what does it all mean?
have any of you been busy till you never let the Prince of Peace be part of your life?

Recently i have been .. my work and school is killing me, I am tired out. Consecutively for the many weeks we have rushing projects, assignments test. OMG! I can barely breath .... well anyways I can't wait for the outing with this new Humanities classmates I met today... some may seem hostile at the beginning but I am sure this is gonna be a fun group...

Overall I am happy with myself, I am now growing in faith , Maybe like what Nick say, we're learning to growing ourselves, getting ourselves ready to reach out to people.
reach out to the world at large. Surprisingly, Angeline asked if I wanted to learn more about vocation. Being aware of my feelings always, Searching deep within my heart, I did not reject it at all but rather I was open to the option. But that does not mean i plunge into it. Give me time to pray about it.

I enjoy the every moment of peace when i sit in the adoration room. The past few days I have been spending alot of time in front of the blessed sacrament. I love the time spend with him, Not because aircon was Good but it was cause I know I could run to him & tell him how I feel. Honestly if he was a human , I would give him a Big hug & big big squeeze, never allowing him to Go.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Movie on St John Vianney

It was for TOL members to wake up at an ungodly hour of the morning - for a public holiday. Yet some of us manage to wake up just to catch a glimpse of the Movie. Turn out for this parish event was not many, but the event was an enriching one for many of us. Paul, Manfred, Colin & several Youth Ministry people turned up for the movie screening. There were 2 parts to this event.

1) Movie screening
2) Adoration

Life of St John

He was a French parish priest (8 May 1786 - 4 August 1859)
He was posted to Ars, a village not very far from Lyons. He realized that the Revolution's aftermath had resulted in religious ignorance, due to the destruction of the Catholic Church in France. Sundays in rural areas were spent working in the fields, or dancing and drinking. He was shocked to find that as to him Sundays was a day for religion. Few people came, but his continuous pray and fasting and even his sincerity to the people touched them and drew them back to church and even conversion in the village. In the confessional Vianney spent time in the confessional and gave homilies railing on blasphemy and dancing. If his parishioners did not give up dancing, he refused them absolution.

During the last ten years of his life, he spent sixteen to eighteen hours a day in the confessional.
His instructions were simple in language, full of imagery drawn from daily life and country scenes, but breathing faith and that love of God which was his life principle and which he infused into his audience as much by his manner and appearance as by his words, for, at the last, his voice was almost inaudible.

The greatest miracle of all was his life. He practised mortification from his early youth. and for forty years his food and sleep were insufficient, humanly speaking, to sustain life. And yet he laboured incessantly, with unfailing humility, gentleness, patience, and cheerfulness, until he was more than seventy-three years old.

To me I find the career and job of a priest really tiring and he has to be consistently devoted to his people. Hence, marriage is out of the question. Like St John, he realized that in order for a priest to reach out to all man, he has to be totally devoted to the people just like he has always been by the side of his villagers, listening to their problems and their confession. I really take my hat off to those who are willing to lay down their lives to make all humanity the love of their lives. But we ourselves need to take a step back to see how we can also be priest to the people of the world, living out our baptismal mission. - king, prophet, priest

In the part 2 of the Adoration, Many of the intercession was targeted to priest. Nicholas (our dearest adult advisor) came to my mind. People bet the same went for those who were present