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Monday, April 19, 2010

Do you do what Christ wants of What the World tell us to do ?

A true disciple is challenged to seek for the "food that perishes" but to labour for the "food that doesn't perish"

Make a smart guess , what are the things that belongs to this earth ? Guess all you smart people would already have guess. Branded clothings, Branded bags, Status in the industry, Being the perfectionist while stepping on everyone else's toes. Eating in Luxurious restaurant, driving luxurious car. Following the paper chase society, getting into top school, top the class and even must top in sports. The list will go on & on...

The irony of this is, if all of you know what it is , than why do you still continue to pursue such things? is it coz everyone is doing it? is it coz it makes you look "glam" having it? Not that pursuing all this things is bad but the question comes in when we are so caught up in getting all these things that where is GOD in our lives then?... You don't see people doing a bible chase ( it is the most popular and best selling book in the world compared to your text book published by McGraw hill etc) or even Mass craze. or even going after the most luxurious thing in the world .. the CRUXIFIX & EUCHARIST

In today's reading , Christ challenges all of us, you and me to seek for the treasures that is not of this earth but of the eternal life. What then is your treasure now?

To me at this point in time, the most valuable treasure I have is the 3 Fs (Faith, Family & Friends.)
I guess all my life I am doing things that the world wants me to do that i loose the meaning of why I am even doing it. But doing what God wants and letting Him lead me to do what he wants makes my life much more colourful & exciting.

Faith, I would like to grow closer in my journey with HIM. Guess I am slacking in my walk this pass month and I do not want that to happen. Need to get back in communication with HIM. In church, things are happening and I don like it to happen as we are all serving the same God the same church and same community.

Family, the fundamental of my very being, the ones whom God choose for me & gave to me. My parents, brother, cousin , nieces & nephew & Godparents & even God Children. I don't and can't choose them, God placed them for me & instead of waiting till the day I die to realize how much they mean to me, I would like to spend my every moment with them QUALITY time

Friends, they walk in and out of my life, few stay and those who stay, I want to build the relationship with you & do not ignore me, do not push me away and don hurt me with your words... I am fragile handle with care.. as much as I am far (jurong) know that I am always missing you .... ALWAYS.

Lastly reaching out to others has always been a forte of mine. I would like to reach out to my classmates, students and staff whom I have come across showing them the love which YOU have & YOU want them to experience.

Dear God,
Help me to love as you have loved,
Let me lean not on my own understanding and strength,
but on yours.
Use me as your instrument to reach out to those in need
so that they may experience your unfailing love for them


Kira-kun said...

is it me you're missing? whahahaha. the picture you posted is like you lor - asking me to rebond my hair!!!!

starlight_baby said...

Haha, hey no matter if you rebond or even the old hairstyle, I would always still love you! .. Thank you for always being there for me. Yes I do miss talking to you & hanging out with you