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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Seeing is Believing !!!

Doubt thou the stars are fire,
Doubt that the sun doth move,
Doubt truth to be a liar,
But never doubt I love.
- Hamlet Act 2 scene 2

In the same passage, Shakespears reminds us of the love Christ has for us, when we doubt that we can doubt that the birds are born from eggs, we can deny that dinosaurs once rule the earth, we can doubt that the world is made round and we can deny that humans came from apes but we cannot doubt the very fact that God loves us.

I am sure many of you after Reading this passage of Thomas, would always relate to the old folk tale of doubting Thomas . I remember my mother was also one of them who told me, "don't be like the doubting Thomas."

Today I urge all my dearest friend, to reflect deeper into your lives, when were the times you felt you were like doubting Thomas. As I read this the 1st time, it was long and obviously some of the words just slip through my mind. I realise as you search deeper, Thomas, though he doubted in the beginning, but soon after When Jesus appeared in front of HIM he uttered "my lord and my god." Honestly how many of us, if JESUS was to stand in front of you today, and allow you to touch his side & feel his hands, will seriously believe at the instant?

From one who doubts, Thomas started to believe, and ended as an Evengalist and proclaimer. We are Challenge today to Be like the doubting Thomas. - beg to differ what the old folks tale use to say.

How does this relates to me. This relates back to me in an incident today, sometimes in life we do doubt the existence of God and his ability, coz we think things would not happen in our humanly mind. Today I had a very big unhappiness in class, feeling uneasy about it I confronted the person involved. In all his Know how attitude, he argued back "in defense" (he did this before) than I spoke to my SD & partner in crime. After talking obviously I felt like crap still. Later on in the day, my darlings came out with me for dinner. We laughed and joked at the nonsensical things in the world.

And as I slowly reflected I realize sometimes I think I may want things to happen in the way I want it to. But what about looking from his pov. My BOYFRIEND'S POV. and as I reflected back on the gospel of today again 1 more time I learnt to let go and let god and let the kids grow coz HIS ability is far greater than any other guys in the world can overpower and if that is God's will to put him there in that tone, that way of teaching (AMEN TO THE KIDS) but " thy will be done".

Just a note: "if God is for us, who can be against us?" - it will take many Goliaths to bring Erica down but obedience to my BOYFRIEND is NO 1 - (ahem* see guys out there what you are missing out from me hehe*)

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