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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

John 3:16
"God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life."

Hey that right about sums up how much God loves us. I remembered clearly a statement someone told me " No one should complete you except yourself ! "
I now understand what this person is trying to say.
Just wondering how many of you are looking for your other half & he / she has not appeared to complete you ?
I feel sad for you coz you will never be completed. No one should complete you except yourself. In order to love someone whole heartedly , you must be able to love yourself totally. I have never understood this meaning until recently (since last yr) as I learned to love myself more & let God take the centre position in my life. Coz it is only when we have him in our lives will we than be able to fully encounter his miracles & plans for us & you will start to LIVE (enjoy life). Look for the HEART EXPERIENCE - incomprehensible with out Human Intelligence. Everyday before I go to school, I would never fail to read the readings of the day. It made me reflect and think about life & how God wants me to see & do things for him. Dear friend, do you allow Christ to be the one to Complete you?

Throughout this journey in NIE , I find it very difficult but God never fails to be there to journey with me. Someone once told me to live with it. At 1st I felt it was a cold and harsh statement and I felt it was an insensitive word too. In many ways it is not easy for me.
1stly I have not been away from my parents for so long before. Apart from camps, I have never been away from home. It was not easy for me. Time away was lonely & even now I always yearn to go home. Somehow God has his ways and Godma & cousin always make me feel at peace. I too learn independence. Waking up early (on my own) making the bed, getting my own food (go without food if you did not buy)
2ndly I need social life. In school till now, I have friends and many to even count but compared to the Malay Colony , I have not found anyone friend whom I could makan with or even talk to. As much as I hate change, life is not easy trying to fit in to a new environment. God placed my brother & paul in the ICT over the next 6 weeks - 3 weeks paul , 3 weeks my brother
3rdly, I miss church , I have not been participating weekday mass for the longest time ever (except sunday mass) It is so unlike me, so not me and I do not like it. I really felt the word " HUNGER " for mass on Friday when I participated. God sends his Angels to pull me to church when I am back in Hougang

How about you ? how has God showed himself to you in your life recently?

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