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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Somewhere in our lives we were once blind before. Some may be blinded by love, some may be blinded by greed, some may be blinded by lust, some may be blinded by the materialism of the world. Todays reading, is about the road to Emmaus. The disciples were walking along side with Jesus but they failed to know it was him. They were just so caught up in their beravement that they fail to realise Jesus was there

In our lives we too are blinded by all the things that we fail to recognise Jesus. In the past, I use to be caught up in doing this and that, but as I journey with Jesus closer each day , even in Jurong, I seem to see things with a new light. Loving my Family, being there when they need me, being there for youths who need my help.

Later on in the gospel the disciple's "eyes were opened and they recognized him" How often do we recognize God in the Eucharist? Do you just attend mass coz it is a sunday obligation. Do you want HIM to really turn wine into blood, bread into flesh than u believe. Or do you want him to APPEAR to you.

Sometimes in our lives, amidst all our pain & hurt, all Jesus wants of us is to just run to him and tell him "Jesus I need U" Have you done that? YES (raising your hands / nodding your head) many of you would sure say but how many of you would say YES to asking Jesus for help even if you are in pain. We are alway caught up dwelling in our own world of pain that we fail to recognize that Jesus needs us to just surrender to him.

Let us not be blind this Easter to the people and the Jesus around us. Our friends and family , the nature and the animals. All are signs of Christ Unending love for us.

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