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Monday, March 01, 2010



Todays gospel reading was on Jesus' Transfiguration.
It puzzled me when I was reflecting on the reading , why would his transfiguration have to do with Lent. Later on as I went further I tot about 2 things.

Jesus Transfiguration talked about Jesus being divine. While His agony showed us that He is also Fully human like you and me. Now I know why Jesus always goes to the mountain top, just like Moses. The mountain is a place where there is less distraction and a symbolization of the closeness of God to man. I always ask a friend why do they need to be in the mountain top, Guess God has answered me.

In the passage the apostle are asleep and how often do we fall asleep and miss the God's miracles and wonders in action? I guess there are just too many things in our lives that keep us asleep to God's works. Lets take a look at somethings that distract us from God's work.

From work, school, friends, relationships, problems, assignments, examinations, meeting the expectation of your bosses or sometimes even keeping up with your parents expectation etc. Probably too many to name all.
These are all necessary things in our life that we need to do and expectation we need to meet. But don't ever forget that amidst all these expectations, leaving these worries and expectation to God (after trying your best of coz) would make things much easier for you. It seems so easy but trust me, it is not easy coz we humans and Singaporeans always love to rely on our strength to do our work. "that big guy is there , why not trust that he knows what is best for you!"

Even mental tiredness and "a life without pause" can stop us from thinking though our actions and face our doubts and problems in life.
This was once my life, till last year, I went on in life just doing things and not really stopping to see God and always thinking I was doing it for HIM. But no, I was not helping myself. It was only after I paused to listen and have a deeper relationship with God that I learn to journey and SLOW DOWN where needed or SPEED UP when necessary.
Recalled the Mary and Martha Story, We are called to be "MARYTHA" - (Mary & Marha) as much as we would like to serve God, we need to Listen to him. - take for example, even as a magician if you wan to know what to do with the deck of cards, you need to 1st listen or learn from the master / instruction manuel right?

A life that is so smooth can also hinder us from seeing the challenges ahead and the demands that God wants from us.
Sometimes life can just be way too smooth that we forgot what God really wants from us. It is only when a catastrophe hits that we start panicking and worrying of what to do , and at times why God allows this to happen. "Hey if you were prepared for war, you would not worry in the case of an enemy's attack" It is also when these problems that happen, do we trust in God for directions or think we know BEST!

Prejudice can also blind us from seeing God's glory
Grudges and hates blinds our vision and we get caught up in feeling bad, pain and even worrying about what may come that we do not see God at work. You would get caught up till you neglect those who needs your love care and attention more. For those out there who are holding onto hurts, grudges or even plotting a next terrorist attack. A word of advice, "Let Go & Let God"

I am interested in LOTR and it drew me that Christ was similarly portrayed in LOTR as Gandulf.
Consider Gandalf. He was wise. He worked miracles (magic), exhibiting his extraordinary, dare we say supernatural, powers. He had a group of followers who came to him for wisdom and advice. He traveled about to and fro. He died, descended into hell, but defeated death to rise from the grave, resurrected and transfigured complete with a glowing body, to then help save humanity. Does the story of Gandalf sound familiar? JESUS !

So than are we spiritually awake?
As the apostles are privilege to get a glimpse of Jesus' Glory and testify to that Glory so are we called to be testimonies of Christ.

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