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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Have i told you , i love the TOL pictures the most coz we're a family.

Colin is also getting to know the wall too .
as many times i have done this, i still enjoy doing this session
gosh! I getting squash this time, whao !!!
Final Group pic together !

Just returned home from my TOL camp. Tired but happy. I am glad that everyone enjoyed. Though the lack of sleep but the company and friendship forged was fantastic. I am also happy to see them grow spiritually and their openness to sharing from deep within. I am happy that this JOURNEY has been a wonderful one & I am really excited to see this batch of kids grow to become leaders of our church. I have gotta thank Nick n Paul for being there to support me. Though you both were in and out of camp, your presence mattered a lot, at least to me. Reflection times were great especially when i found time to be quiet with the Lord. But I guess i still enjoyed sitting in front of the blessed sacrament of computer penning my thoughts and hearing you.

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