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Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Forgiveness is not a concept (1+1=2). Neither is it a one off event. Just the same as Love. Coz love is not a one off event too. It is a constant effort to love another, just the same as a constant effort to forgive another.
Forgive & forget : an old tale saying, how does one forgive a person and then forget. Is it really forgiving or is it shelfing it up and forgetting it. There is no such thing as forgive and forget coz when you forgive you remember that you have forgiven and love make a constant effort to love the other. Hence Forgive & Remember.

Forgiveness is also a sacrifice - dying to self : Humility. (not coz you are very "chin chai") but coz you are mirroring Christ Love. Not seeking revenge in others etc.

No one is perfect but we can be perfect in showing perfect love. Hence this is why it is a sacrifice and we as disciples are called to do. The prodigal son is another act of Perfect Love

To what extend would you forgive a person? Todays Gospel talked about forgiveness to the people who have hurt you or even wrong you. It made me reflect deeper into the questions posed to me. Sometimes it is seriously hard to forgive people who may have hurt you. Sometimes you wish they would just fly away or disappear from the face of the earth. But is that what we are called to do? If the world was filled with people who do not irritate you, won't it be no ups and downs in life?

Trials (when our patience and tolerance is tested) bring us one step closer to understand people. This is absolutely true as i recalled the period of SDYD 2009 and Christmas Play Presents. Alot of friction and even trials I was put into in order to make things work. I guess if i held on to these hurts & pains I would not be where I am today.


Remember I said I was scared about yesterday pulling of teeth. Guess my angel(s) did walk right in front of me. I completed surgery in a span of 15 mins. Gosh ! injection of anastatic was darn pain coz it is right in the gum (4 shots). Tears filled my eyes when the anastatic was administered, but I just hang in there just as I was told to. I held my cross closely in my palm, there was a deep imprint of Jesus on my palm when it was completed. Once it was done felt like heaven coz i need not tahan the pain anymore from now on. After the extraction, I was in pain till I dono when man !!

Jsut for you : thank you for being there for me & I am glad to know that you are there. Pictures of the times we shared came to my head as I layed in bed Screaming in PAIN! Thanks for all you have done. Love you deep deep .

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