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Friday, March 05, 2010


Have you fear failing your examinations that you could not sleep but stayed up mugging the night away?
Have you fear loosing a job, that you work hard day in and out to please your boss?
Have you fear a job interviews, that you panic & shiver or even read up all about the company before the interview?
Have you fear loosing a friend that you spend all the time you with that friend?
What is your greatest fear NOW?
All of us have our fears in life.
How many of us ever asked ourselves, are we afraid that God might be sad that we go all out to do things that make him happy? Have we been always stuck in our stubbornness that we ? Do I love the people around Just as what Christ is teaching us to do?
Christ has always wanted us to be loving to his people but do we show an attitude to people whom we are working with? - coz we are more superior than them or they might take over us one day?
This lent , let us look at how we can learn to love God & do things that doesn't make him sad. But in order for us to do so, we must take a look into our hearts , search within ourselves what is our greatest fear? A true disciple and follower of Christ is one who is willing to look deep into one's life and revisits the places which might hurt him/her most & see how one can rely on God's strength to overcome this fears. Not one who just carry on his / her life without a break and shelf these fears up. A difficult task I know, but yet, this is what he really means by, picking up your cross and follow me. He did not say, it was gonna be a bed full of roses, lilies & tulips (my fav flowers .. ahem!) but rather a life of trials & tribulations.
Right now this moment, my greatest fears are:
1) monday wisdom tooth extraction - not the extracting but the aftermath
2) my 3 mths in NIE - change
3) stay away from home. - loneliness away from family
I have never had such a big hit combo in my life before, it is human to fear but I guess I am slowly learning to rely on God for his strength & guidance. Just as how Jesus fears but he relied on God to help him overcome his fear. Mary his mother will also journey with me (i know tt) in this times coz it was in her most painful moment that Christ gave her to us, & it was in her most painful moment that she came to us.
"Women , behold your son, Son, behold your mother!"

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