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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Have you ever in your life been betrayed ? what was the event? how did it feel ? Pain, hurt, disappointed ? Todays reading, Jesus talks about Judas betrayal & Peters denial. All of us in our lives have one time or another been betrayed and the feel sucks. First you will be shocked , than angry and then pain and disappointment will follow. Emotionally, mentally you are hurt. You wish all this were to go away asap & at times you also wish that it would not have happen this way.

Today's reading also shows Jesus himself , though he was scared (human he is) but in this passage he goes on to show us that he still loves everyone including the ones who were to betray him. That is how much he loves us.

Writing this journal, I just want to tell everyone who reads this blog that I too feel & know how you feel when you are betrayed. But our ultimate goal is not the betrayal or even the pain , but to embrace all this pain and hurt and lifting them up to God for he knows what is best for us.

Recently, I learnt that God doesn't plan for us to feel pain , but he would be there for us when we experience pain in our lives and there is not one else to be there for us. I was all alone in Jurong without my friends by my side, there were times too I felt loneliness, but God was there by my side comforting me before I sleep & watching over me. My cousin & Godma was by my side , taking care of me chatting with me & advising me. It was the first time I experience my cousin's love for me. Sometimes I would just run out of the room to give him a hug when he comes back from work. He would also ask me (in his sweetest & most concern tone) how I am when I laid in bed, when I was sick. All this angels really made me feel that I was loved and embraced by God.

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