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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well following & trusting he will make things Good is GREAT!
Today I showed a video I did for School to my Principal, Afraid that he might reject, I prayed before heading down to the office. Showed him what I got but what is more is to show him what I have done. His jaw dropped, he was so pleased and he said, no need to make amendments. YEAH!!!! shiok! Thank you God for being by my side. Guess he did send his army before me, paving the way for me.

wo jia wu ge bao (5 precious babies in my life)

My Mummy is back today, guess i am glad, I actually give up time to spend with it with her. Me being me, I would give up things to go to the ends of the world to get / do something for the ones I love. Well spending time with her was fun, though her driving is still -- alamak, but at least I got driven. I got to see my baby girl too, omg she talks so well now. My my, mummy got a few boxes of crispy creams and we shared it with aunty they all, she ran over hugged me & even ask me how come my hp change (observant little girl) than she climbed onto the chair opening all the boxes and choosing her fav donut. I tell you , she is looking more and more like me, cute (of coz) but more curious and lovable too. She insisted on seeing me down to the car, I let her & hugged her. I guess I always wished my Godma would grow up with me , I wouldn't trade anything for my God children. I love them too much. ---> remembered on sunday, left class half way to go pick my godson up from level too. Held his hand (so small) to find his dad. the least I could do for them. "Godchildren are babies God forgot to give to you"

Though time may pass us by, but our friendship will never fade!
Today is Nick's birthday, to a bit of time when I was on my way home from work to recall the times we had in TOL & working together and till now, the friendship we had & the fun, joy, laughter and even sad & painful times we had together. I guess this friendship we shared was one of the greatest, like any other friendship, there were ups and downs in it but still I treasure this friend a lot. Thank u & as you take this journey in life, may God continue to lead and guide you, giving you the wisdom and courage to carry on his work.

May the Good Lord Bless you !
May the Good Lord Bless you !
May the Good Lord Bless Nick
May the Good Lord Bless you !

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