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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Dear God,

My arm hurts, and my fever is nv subsiding! I know you will be there by my side looking after me. As I bear this pain I offer up all those who are going through more physical pain than I am. I know u will be there for them just the same as u have been for me.
Thank you

Ur dearest princess

Took a jab yesterday and now running a fever , the whole day. Still dragged myself to school to meet my dearest students. actually more of finish up my work. Finally completed my work.

It was kinda funny, I woke up early around 3 am this morning. Had a nightmare, very scary but my pain was killing me more. Fever was burning my head and I could not sleep. Had an urge to sms you but i refrain. I scared to wake u up. I sat in bed, just thinking of this week & well I guess how God really has his own sense of humour. Well just came back from school wanted to go zzz. but tot of blogging how funny i wanted to sms someone but I didn't and ended up that person was also awake. *jinx u owe me a soda*

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