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Monday, February 08, 2010

Recognize Me !

Mark 6:53-56

Todays Gospel passage 2 areas of the passage caught my attention and i spend a while thinking and reflecting on it

Firstly "As they were leaving the boat, people immediately recognized him"
It really made me think on how people so easily recognized him? Did he have a signboard / card that reads I am JESUS ? Did he have a paparazzi crew following him & tracking him down? No, but it was his love for the people that made them recognize and remember him in addition his wisdom & knowledge that attracted people all across the world to want to come listen to him. I recall this verse "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me" John 10:27 Same with Mother Teresa, she doesn't go around with a card saying I am Mother Teresa, but it was her love for the people that draws attention and motivation for people to be like her. But than again God doesn't judge you by how popular u are, all he wants of us is to serve him in the little ways we can & allow him to dwell in our life. In modern days, with ref to this verse I also remember teaching my class before, in order for you to recognize him , you must also spend time listening to him. Spending time being STILL. A word that Fr kept using in the homily today. I guess the best time to do so is in front of the blessed sacrament. I enjoyed the time being there in solitude & have nothing else bother you but just you and God & let him speak to me. Sometimes, there maybe nothing, but sometimes it hits u like a meteor and you suddenly see light in your problems or even directions he wants u to take. U need to experience this for yourself then you will know what i mean. IT IS GOOD , YOU SHOULD TRY IT!

Secondly, "many who touched him were healed"
As i thought about this verse, it marvels me that God can be so quick to heal as long as we have faith. Even in CSC I use to see people get healed from coming for healing mass (if there is still such as thing coz mass is the highest form , no need for healing mass) Looking at myself , my eczema, I tot to myself, why am I given such a skin prob? Why does every girl on the road I see have the beauty in skin , wearing shorts & their legs have no soars, while I have to wear berms or jeans just to cover up my soars? It sometimes made me feel so bad I would cry at night to even look at myself. Guess I do believe and trust in God that he has a reason for everything. I guess one of the reason is that I make friends who accept me for who I am , not coz of my skin. People who choose to love me, accept this flaw of mine. I do pray every time at mass that I would not have to go through this for much longer but I do know it is in his time & place that I would get healed totally. I trust in him.

Dear God,
The haze is killing me! I am seriously falling even more sick. (longest cough I ever Had)
Today was a bad morning, woke up but didn't feel like getting out of bed. I love to laze in bed (my love ones will know) but none the least , I got change for school & sat in bed (stoning).
Took my medication & milo & heading for the car.
As I drove out of the estate, I started coughing, as though I my lungs were going to pop out,
I gave a hard cough & all my medication came out, yes i vomited while driving *eww*
I could not go to school like this & my clothes were all soiled. I did a u turn & went back home to bath & change.
Me being the me that I am , of coz grumbled all the way home, at home my dad heard my grumbling and started to scold me, I felt lousy as i was already not feeling well, breathless and panting yet instead of helping, my dad vented his frustration on me. (I guess it is my fault again) tears rolled down my cheeks as i wondered where you were at that point in time. But somehow I felt a comfort like an angel come from the back and comforted me. (Telling me it is alright) When the lift arrived, I wipe my tears off & I met my neighbour with 2 kids, they greeted me and their innocence , OMG just made my day! I am glad you are there.


Anonymous said...

Easily I acquiesce in but I contemplate the post should have more info then it has.

niCK said...

*Jinx!* You owe me a soda! For also talking about God dwelling in us and about spending time before the Blessed Sacrament! hehe ;p

Anyway, hope you get better soon. *hugs* for all the unhappiness, discomfort and coughing.. glad you can still see His comforting Hand though the things around you. =) And may you also be touched by His healing Hand in time to come..

Jiayou jiayou! =D