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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mk 7:14-23

In todays reading, linked to yesterday, I like that way it is put in the bible, I guess a new light to seeing things. There are 2 areas which caught my attention in the passage.
The first one; Nothing that goes in (consumed) can defile a person, but what comes out (actions, words, thoughts) that makes a person defiled.
Defile = REMOVE PURENESS and make unclean or even violate chastity.
When I think about this word used, I went online look up the dictionary (my england not very powderful) The definition made me ponder about why people choose to do things that hurt God.

The second one: Evil intentions, fornication, theft, murder, adultery, avarice deceit, indecency , envy, slander, pride & folly - all this coming from within a person
These are what prevents a person from being pure. When I think of pureness, innocent, i think of babies. Looking back at myself - when i was a baby or even studying kindergarten. My thoughts, actions and words are just not the same , not that I always go *gaga gugu* or carry a milk bottle running around, but instead I do not need to please anyone and all of the above, probably no where to be seen, al I just needed to be was to be myself & my parents & God would love me just the same. Now, need to work fast and be efficient, to please boss, so that I get my pay on time, study hard so that I can please the society to allow me to get promoted etc.

Many issues i could think of as I reflect on the readings. None the lease do we do what is pleasing to God? Sometimes what is pleasing to God is not what we really want. I guess discerning & hearing his word and loving God, trusting that God knows what is the most pleasing to God.

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