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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Our Ultimate aim in Life is to be a Diamond gleaming brightly for GOD

Lk 2:22-40 Presentation of Jesus at the temple


“Now, Master, you may let your servant go
in peace, according to your word,
for my eyes have seen your salvation,
which you prepared in the sight of all the peoples:
a light for revelation to the Gentiles,
and glory for your people Israel.”

reflecting on the actions of Simeon, I actually thought about him and his willingness to surrender to God & let the Spirit of God lead him. Sometimes do you know that it feels good just surrendering to God and let him take the lead. Are you willing to surrender to God & let the Holy Spirit take charge of you ? Below is one example (not the only time of coz) of surrendering to God & let Him make the decision for me. But before all that happen, there was a deep burning feeling to speak the true feelings i have for the youths in this parish. When I have done so, a sense of peace but at the same time nervousness was within me. Peace, coz i feel the YM suppose to know, Nervous coz I dono whether i say wrong or correct thing.

I would like to share a piece of Good news , or maybe to some, bad news with you all. My dear friend Jac (a senior & a person who shares the same passion as me)& me were given a chance to be able to lead our Youth Ministry in IHM for the next 6 months or so. Well felt prompted by the spirit (if that is what it felt like) I said my piece & was actually hoping to hint the leaders in YM who would be taking on this post to really look into the youths growth towards God, and even as a community. However somehow (God has his own sense of humour) I felt I would like to be part of the change which I would like to see in the Youths instead of just being bystanders. I remember someone once told me, don't just sit there and complain but be part of the change, and in the same way be part of the journey towards the growth of the youths. I may not have much experience as some leaders have, but I guess with all the support from the youth ministry leaders we will be able to learn grown & prosper as a community. However, I do hope that the youths in IHM would support us as we lead this ministry where the spirit directs us to go & look forward to working with more people.

Reflecting on the 1st reading & 2 words struck me, Refiners Fire

It is only at the time when you are lowest when u really feel God reaching down to hold you up. Picking you up when no one else in this world can. Touching your heart from within like no one else can. It is when you truly surrender to him that you allow him to do his work , to shape you into the diamond he would want you to be. As youth, as humans, we do have to go though suffering. But it is when you are ready to let go and let god take over your life that God can truly move, and let us not depend on our strength but one God's.

Purify my heart,
let me be as gold and precious silver.
Purify my heart,
let me be as gold, pure gold.

Refiner's fire,
my heart's one desire
is to be holy;
set apart for You, Lord.
I choose to be holy;
set apart for You, my Master,
ready to do Your will.

Purify my heart,
cleanse me from within
and make me holy.
Purify my heart,
cleanse me from my sin, deep within.

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