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Friday, February 19, 2010

"it is when you put your past behind, that you will be able to move on"

Guess things do happen, but during this season of lent I am trying to make a conscious effort to remember HIM in all I do - even to carry the cross with him. In prayer , in fasting, in abstaining. I am glad I met a great friend today whom I missed alot.

Prayer works!
Memories of 2009 came into my mind and how we journeyed together and grow in faith to serve the same God. TOL & I watch forest gump, in he beginning I was kinda sad coz when i pass them worksheets to reflect on, they were reluctant and I tot to myself hours spent typing this reflections and printing has been wasted. :( Later i prayed & tot to myself, this group is who they are, I guess I will accept whatever comes & the bonding time after the movie was also great , guess it beats discussion for a day of celebration.

Fasting helps!
Today is total defense day, obviously you know me, sweet potatoes are not my cup of tea, so I didn't go for it in school. I tot to myself that I would make it a point to spend this 40 days in fast for him (as far as my health can take it) - hey it can be a way to help you diet too *positive thinking*

Abstain from MEAT (whatever that is delicious to us)!!!
Computer games, TV shows, smsing even my favourite drinks, I am trying to make it a point to see how I can restrain myself from all these things. Well guess all this abstaining does help me grow - self control - a fruit of the holy spirit

PS: my arm hurts more and more .... sensitive, fever subsided but at the same time it hurts too. :'( U know sometimes I really wish I could just run to someone to "man jah" with that person, to even get a hug just to take the pain away.

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